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Caltrano Malghe Tour Route

Vista aerea su Malga Serona

Aerial view of Malga Serona

Ring route for Caltrano's Malghe

ITINERARIO: Tour of the Malghe di Caltrano

Technical guidance

Degree of difficulty: Medium-Easy
Length: 14.7 km
Climbing: 404m
Min altitude: 1223m above sea level
Maximum altitude: 1389m above sea level
Walking time: 6h with tourist gait and lunch in Malga
Means: walking, biking, MTB, e-bike and riding


Uno dei panorami lungo dell'itinerario

The Tour of the Malghe di Caltrano is an itinerary, which we have classified as medium-easy in view of its length, despite not having any particular difficulties and is almost completely flat (except for some uphill sections) and almost completely on asphalt road, easy and untraced.
It is the route that winds in the southwestern part of the Asiago Plateau and passes in close proximity to the Malghesian structures present in the territory of the Municipality of Caltrano, located on the side of the plateau that looks towards the Val d'Astico and the Venetian plain. It is easy to follow and locate, because it is well signposted by special arrows, tables and billboards present at various points along the route.

it is really passable by everyone,so not only from fans of walking but also from families with children (even with strollers in tow), walking, biking, MTB, e-bikes and riding (as well as by car and motorcycle).
Our advice is to take this route during the summer period, when the huts are all open (usually from June to September), especially if you want to undertake it as a"taste path" with a stop to the huts for tasting and buying the typical products. We point out, however, that in winter this itinerary is not recommended, as, due to the presence of snow, some sections may be unsafe.
It is a ring path,which winds through green pastures and lush woods and, for the most part, enjoys a spectacular view of the Venetian plain. The route, precisely because it is circular, can be taken indifferently in various places; we have chosen to start walking it starting from the pozza del Favero resort,leaving the car near the Alpine Bar Refuge,and to continue counterclockwise.
We point out that our route is a little longer than what is traditionally proposed, as we have chosen to reach some of the Malghe of Caltrano (there are 6, all recently renovated, in addition to two that act as a holiday home), taking the "deviations" that are on the path and that lead to them.
In order for you to leave prepared, we also warn you that the route is almost all in the open,only a few sections cross the forest and are therefore shaded; on sunny days, therefore, it is recommended to use the cap to repair the head and sunscreen to protect yourself from easy sunburn (here the temperature is in fact always pleasant and fresh and you really tan without realizing it). For the rest the recommendations are those valid for any walk in the mountains.


To reach the starting point we walked the road from Cesuna di Roana to the Kubelek Refuge,but at the junction of the Magnaboschi cemetery we took the dirt road to the left (without continuing in the direction of the Kubelek). Arriving near the Alpine Bar Refuge,we parked the car and set off on foot to discover what turned out to be a real wonder!


Leaving the car near the Alpine Refuge,you face a short descent to the alpine pool where you drink and refresh the cows in the pasture.
From here, at the first junction,we decided to take the dirt road to the left that leads to Malga Carriola (1240 m above sea level), a farmhouse that also offers the opportunity to eat.

Clearly, being this malaga so close to our starting point, we chose not to stop here (and not even in the next), preferring to stop to refresh and refresh ourselves at about 2/3 of our path and precisely to Malga Serona, the only one among Caltrano's evils, to produce the Asiago Dop Cheese.

In mountain bike sulla salita verso Malga Foraoro

Returning to our steps at the junction with the main road, we followed theindication of the arrow for the Tour of the Malghe,passing theformer Malga Carrioletta,to the junction for Malga Paù (1225 m above sea), to which we took the dirt on our right to take some pictures of the house. Here, too, if you want, you can stop to eat (specialty beef of your own), but as said our destination for lunch was another.

Crossing a short wooded stretch, you reach the fork to Bocchetta Paù (1286 m above sea level), which is reached by diverting right from the main road and following a dirt path, flanking a beautiful pasture with a pool of pasture set in the woods. From the capital of Bocchetta Paù you can enjoy spectacular views of the Valdastico and the Summano Mountains, Novegno and Pasubio. A curiosity about it: the capital that rises on the edge of the rock overlooking the plain, just above the Mouth, is said of the "Madonna of the Crauti", because commissioned, as a vote after a escaped danger, by Mr. Zuccato, owner of a well-known company vicentina producing sauerkraut.

Back on the main road you go up slightly in the direction of Malga Sunio; past the fork for the farmhouse on the right, in correspondence with the"General's Road"(from which a path of memory begins on the places of the Great War),we always continue on the paved road, starting shortly after to see the spectacle of the vast Venetian plain,with the Berici Hills and the Euganei Hills. Further to the left, even the Venice Lagooncan be seen on the horizon on the dark days.

A little further on, taking a dirt road uphill on the left,you arrive at Malga Foraoro (1375 m above sea level), also a farmhouse. It's worth taking a detour to the farmhouse just to indulge in the magnificent panoramic views of the plain that you enjoy from up here. We also point out that the farm offers the possibility to fill your water bottle for free without obligation to consume, as well as to have water for your dog.

Malga Serona

I descended on the paved road,continuing for about 1.7 km, finally arriving at Malga Serona (1267 m above sea level), reachable by taking the dirt road onthe right. Here, after about 10 km of walking from the starting point, we indulged in a well-deserved restorative break and lunch with fresh pasta of the farmhouse and a fantastic chopping board mixed with meats, sausages and cheeses,including the renowned Asiago Dop,of its own production! And to finish in sweetness an excellent ricotta cake with berries and black and white chocolate salami, both homemade. We did not miss even a visit to the shop to buy the excellent products of the farm.

Rested and satiated, we resumed our route along the main road, taking left after about 1 km to climb towards Malga Fondi,another dairy that makes direct sale of cheeses, yogurt, bread and wines of own production.

We then continued to pass first the road to Malga Cimafonte (of the City of Calvene) on the right, then theformer Malga Lovarezze, now a holiday home. From here we continued until we reached our starting point at the Alpine Bar Refuge, passing just before the votive chapel dedicated to St. John Gualberto protector of those who work in the woods.

We point out that along the route there are possible variants,passable by abandoning the classic route and following mule and alternative paths.

We also note that, if you come from Lusiana or Bassano del Grappa,you can take the Tour of the Malghe of Caltrano from the road that comes from Mount Horn,choosing to travel it clockwise or counterclockwise depending on your preferences.


All rights reserved. We accept no responsibility in the event of damage to persons and things that occurred along this route.

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