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Consortium Asiago cheese PDO

Alm associated and authorized to produce Asiago cheese PDO

Malga Serona

Malga Serona

With the arrival ofsummer,from June, Malga Serona welcomes you among flowery pastures, woods and a enchanting panorama on the Venetian plain.

Easily accessible by car but also with a suggestive excursion along the Giro delle Malghe di Caltrano, Malga Serona offers the opportunity to taste simple and genuine dishes, prepared with cheeses and sausages of own production, including Asiago DOP cheese, which can also be purchased at the shop.

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Eating in Malaga

The farmhouse of Malga Serona is open for lunch from Tuesday to Sunday with the possibility of eating outside or in the indoor room with 20 seats.
For those who are passing through, tasty sandwiches and rich platters with cheeses and cold cuts are also prepared.

Cheese and dairy production

In the surrounding meadows cows graze quietly, mainly Rendene, a breed of cattle native to the Alpine regions, particularly suitable for mountain pastures and considered today at risk of extinction. 

With their precious milk, the young malghesi produce cheeses and dairy products with a rich and authentic flavor. Among all, the king cheese of the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni stands out, the Asiago d'Allevo Dop, a product of excellence of the mountain. 
The Asiago di Malga Serona is recognized by the Asiago Cheese Protection Consortium, an institution responsible for the protection, promotion and enhancement of the true and authentic Asiago PDO cheese, to which the malga is associated.


During the year, Malga Serona hosts several events for young and old. Among the many we mention: the "Aperitif in Malaga", the "Theater in Malaga" and the days of "Bimbo in Malaga"organized by JeEvent.
Also very interesting are the proposed dairy workshops, which you can participate in by reservation,or the exciting and evocative evenings around the fire.

Webcam Live

Thanks to the live webcams of Asiago.it you can stay up to date on what happens in real time in various areas ofthePlateau, in all seasons.
Watch live webcams to find out what's going on at Malga Serona,to see what time it is right now, to check out the snow situation or simply to enjoy the beautiful views of the Highlands.

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Malga Serona is associated with the Asiago Cheese Protection Consortium, guaranteeing that the Asiago cheese produced is PDO. 
The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) is a guarantee of excellence conferred by the European Union to an agri-food product.
In the case of Asiago cheese, it indicates that its qualities are mainly due to the geographical environment in which it is produced, including natural and human factors, and that its production, processing and preparation takes place exclusively in the area of origin. Only the PDO is real Asiago cheese!

  • Lunch service times
  • HOURS: TUE-SUN 12.00 - 14.30
  • CLOSED: monday
  • Aperitif time
  • HOURS: FRI-SAT 18.00 - 20.30
  • CLOSED: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, sunday
  • Product sales service hours
  • HOURS: TUE-THU 09.30 - 19.30
    FRI-SAT 09.30 - 20.30
    SUN 09.30 - 19.30
  • CLOSED: monday


  • Altitude 1267 meters s.l.m.


  • Adjacent parking

Reachability of the hut

  • Reachable by dirt road
  • Road normally driveable

Opening period / Seasonality

  • Open only in the summer season

Productions with direct sales

  • Cheese Asiago DOP
  • Other cheeses and dairy products
  • Preparing sandwiches
  • Sales of products to the public
  • Tasting or tasting cheeses
  • Cold cuts


  • Pets allowed

Payment Methods

  • Cash