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Route for Excursion on Mount Cengio


Itinerario Monte CengioHiking and walking itineraries: Itinerary - Mount Cengio excursion


Among the peculiarities of the territoryof the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities is the historical importance. The route of Mount Cengio leads the hiker to visit one of the most spectacular and significant places of the First World War.

The route is ideal for those who want to combine an undemanding route with the visit of a place of high historical value, located in a location from which you can admire one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Plateau.

ITINERARIO:   Excursion on Mount Cengio
Technical guidance
Degree of Difficulty: Easy
Difference: 300 meters
Min altitude: 1,286m above sea level
Max Altitude: 1,348m above sea level
Length: 6 km (return)
Walking time: 3/4h (tourist gait)
Means: walking

The hike is considered easy, walkable even by non-experienced hikers. The first section of the route (access to the top through the so-called "granatiera") is not suitable for mountain bikes, which can still access the top part using the road.

It is necessary to be equipped with a flashlight given the numerous passages inside tunnels.


The starting point of the trail is located at the Piazzale "Prince of Piedmont" at an altitude of 1286 m. The forecourt is easily accessible by car through a paved road. For those who enter the Asiago Plateau coming from the Valdastico Highway (Piovene-Rocchette exit), following the signs to Asiago,along the SS 349 "State of the Cost", the access road to Mount Cengio is located shortly after the end of the ascent, near the inn "To the Granatieri".

Monte Cengio

Those arriving from Asiago must follow the directions to Vicenza. A few kilometers after passing the village of Treschè Conca, you will find the inn "Ai Granatieri" on the right.

The road we will take to get to the beginning of the trail is a military rolling stock built during the First World War to allow troops and armaments access to the summit area of Mount Cengio starting from the Valley Of the Valley,where a railway station was located that once allowed access to the Plateau. To witness this origin along the way it is already possible to notice remains of barracks and tunnels.


Starting on foot after parking the car at the Piazzale Principe di Piedmont we will take the dirt road that starts from the left of the forecourt itself. To indicate the beginning of the route, you can also see billboards showing the main information about the place, installed as part of the project "Ecomuseo of the Great War".Monte Cengio Panorama

The path we will take develops along the southwest side of the mountain massif, carved for long stretches into the living rock and in some places using tunnels. The function of this perch mule,also called "greed", was to allow access to the summit area through a route protected by the Austrian artillery (located to the north).
The trail is spread for about 4 km, allowing you to reach the altitude 1347 of the summit. The 150m drop does not seem to be felt, as the many points of historical interest (trenches, tunnels, artillery posts, in addition to the famous greed jump) allow pleasant stops and in case of hot days the passages in the gallery allow you to cool off.
The view of the final part of the Astico Valley and the back of the plain, which you enjoy all the way, takes your breath away.


After having traveled another impressive military work, the "Command Gallery", it emerges in the so-called Piazzale Pennella (general who from here directed the military operations) from which it is possible to range with your eyes over the entire central basin of theAsiago Plateau and from where it is possible, along a last stretch of ascent, to the summit area of the mountain (quota 1347).
Cartina Itinerario Monte CengioOnce we visit the summit, we can embark on the return route by following the military road that from Piazzale Pennella will take us up to the church named after the Greeders of Sardinia, the brigade that was placed to defend the mountain in June 1917 and which here immolated when the Imperial Army launched a massive attack within the Strafexpedition.
From here we can safely return to the starting point by walking the paved road that from the Square of the Greed brings back to the Piazzale Prince of Piedmont.

Profilo plano altimetrico Itinerario Monte Cengio



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