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Route from Campolongo Refuge to Forte Campolongo

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Resti di fureria alloggio soldatiRoutes for hiking and walking: from Rifugio Campolongo to strong Campolongo


The piazzale Rifugio Campolongo is also the starting point. The itinerary for the Fort is well marked and for an attack just before the Refuge, left, with no entry. Bottom in great condition, up to the Fort just renovated.


ROUTE: from Rifugio Campolongo to strong Campolongo
Technical indications
Level of difficulty: Easy
Difference in altitude: 180 metres
Elevation min: 1549 m above sea level
Max elevation: 1720 m above sea level
Length: 5 Km (roundtrip)
Walking time: 1, 3:00 about (travel gait)
Means: walk

Starting from Asiago you reach Canove along the State road to Vicenza and at the roundabout takes to Roana (3.5 Km). By Roana cross Mezzaselva and straightness of Rotzo follow the signs towards Monte Verena and chalet at Campomulo, on the right of the intersection where there is the Church. Climb the great paved road until the crossroads on the left clearly visible, to Caicedo.

Car parking point: Parking and Shelter Campolongo


The attack of the trail to the Fort, part 200 mt. before the refuge parking lot, on the left, and displaying the traffic ban and is very well sign posted. The Fund is in very good condition and the climb. The trail was the old mule track linking the main road and the Fort, one of the most technologically advanced and best located strategically in the Italian defensive line. (Through the financing of EU funds has been perfectly renovated – non-invasively – and is part of the living museum of the war of the Montagna vicentina).

Shelter: Shelter Campolongo

Rifugio Campolongo

The refuge has been completely refurbished, keeping the original structure. Where was once the residence of malgese and the casara, today there are the entrance, the bar, the dining room, the kitchen.

As refuge, is by law offering rooms, accessed by the bureau of the ground floor. Outside were placed: playground for the little ones; a log cabin block bau; the front terrace furnished with benches for outdoor dining, with the ramp for the disabled and a beautiful terrace in front of the shed for mountain bikes. In fact you can rent bikes on site and helmets as well as horses and carriages in summer and snowshoeing and equipment for the Fund, in winter.

The refuge is in fact the starting point of the circuit leading up to passo Vezzena and 100 km of pistes Luserna:! Everywhere flowers and decorations that make the warm, friendly and pleasant. Strength, catering, so it uses all the typical products of the territory.

Camera rifugio Campolongo

The rooms are well appointed with very comfortable facilities. The refuge is also the starting point of many hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding and is ideal for outdoor activities, sunbathing, eating well and have fun in good company.

Wherever you find the white/red CAI designations, as well as some small wooden frames painted white dove European symbol of the "path of peace". Keep on the right hand, even at the intersection down to the left and to the right area in the direction of the Fort. In short, among dense pine forests and lush sea of flowers of all species (including rare and protected martagon lily flowers and the Red Lily, along with digital, wild orchids and herbs: Mint, thyme, oregano, fennel ... a sea of colors and intense aromas), you reach the catchment area-which was vital in order to design and sell a military building in an area of strong Karst What is the plateau.

The basin is abandoned but well surrounded by a Stockade. Passed the dock you will come to a rest area with benches in the shade, to eat just a moment. A few meters after the bend you encounter what was the official accommodation, now restored for private use. The next hairpin in the HomeStretch: the gate way for blocking vehicle access, highlights it. Here is the square in front of the Fort: the majestic access stunned! (Today can be seen on the right-as is being recovered-the direct link to the gunner's Hall and the moat at the back).

Descriptive tables Corten steel, perfect for the setting, accompany the visitor, both outside and inside. You enter must be the tunnel carved into the rock, from the entrance topped with marble friezes (as was typical of military architecture of the time) and, once inside, you are immediately captured by the tragic beauty. At the tunnel exit, bother the thickness of overlying rock and the cliffs overlooking the Valdastico.

The "piazza D'Armi" leads directly to the fortified building leaving on the right the point guard and the tunnel to transport ammunition trolley directly to the gunner, by means of a hoist. Under the parade ground, the remains of what were the quartermaster's, the depot and troop housing. (The lighting of the access tunnel and staircase is now powered by a solar panel). The fortified building has its grace in addition to constructive logic, given over to his fatal aim: the offensive the enemy that stood right in front, Forte Belvedere (Lavarone), Strong Cherle and Supreme (Folgaria), etc., but benefitted from altitude, a significant difference, even to 1000 mt. (see Strong Verena). The enemy, who had to shoot from below up, used the powerful German technology and greater military power and then attack range.

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Construction, activities are focused around the firing area, already from the outside reveals how the Windows facing the first floor are in line with the dome above. This, because in the event of breakage of the cannon were possible through pulleys, lower it from the window. The staircase from the first floor (they were in command, the infirmary, the munitions depot and empty dust bags, miscellaneous services) accesses the 4 domes through a steep staircase. A peculiarity about the communication system between featured domes and continuous supply of ammunition: they used the pneumatic post, via condotti still visible. Was the only method, if only for a moment you can not imagine what was to be the ROAR, the fuss and the chaos that prevailed under attack. You think the minions to piece used special boots rope not to produce friction shoe covers, then Sparks, which were able to blow them up when they moved.

Another feature of the forts on both sides ammunition transport system from Santa Barbara-through rail trolley-the ground floor and first floor with a lift here, so with the pulley to the domes. The same, now perfectly reconstructed Corten steel, show how it was internally structured paint: bombs had each one Chamber clearly visible, on concrete foundation, almost an enormous cartridge belt. The domes were lenticular: through a mechanism of mechanical gears rotated towards the goal and the door wouldn't open, then fell into place. Steel thickness: half a meter to several tons in weight. The low point was the outer edge, more subtle. If hit, the dome capottava literally, like a huge tortoise, paws in the air. In addition to the 4 domes, the watchtower for the rising of the shot protected by a small cap.

On the roof, a trough collected rainwater to direct it towards the conservoni. The water shortage was a constant and it should be noted that the water was also used for cooling in continuous cannons. Serious structural shortage of all Italian forts, the absence of concrete that made them fragile in comparison to those enemies, as can be seen clearly in parts not refurbished. It is currently being restored the duct leading from the Summit bore outside the Fort.

Itinerario Forte Campolongo

Bovini al Pascolo

Italian forts in the territory are homogenous among them, except for their size: the Campolongo is the only one with only 4 seats, so it is what. Makes you smile – tragically – embossed architectural style for all structures, the affectation and the attention to detail in stone, complete with a medieval ship and moat, in memory of the last time the nation had built fortifications in warfare ... to fight to end, so woefully inadequate, a war impossible, a war that Italy never would have won if the enemy hadn't found to fight on the eastern front! The debris and the tragic ruins scattered throughout the Alps remain silent witness of human folly. After visiting a strong and soaked up the atmosphere that permeates, return is always quiet, you have less desire to fool around and over take consolation from the sight of lush forests, pastures, cattle myths out there cud ... aware that the future, designates the past.
The track back feature is fast and easy and within a half hour back across the parking lot of the shelter Campolongo, starting point of the route.

Beppa Rigoni Scit

Profilo piano altimetrico Itinerario Forte Campolongo

Some photos taken from the itinerary of the Fort Caicedo:

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