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Spa, physiotherapy, fitness, wellness and massages

Centro Benessere Rifugio Campolongo

The recently built Campolongo Refuge Wellness Centreoffers its guests a state-of-the-art spa that can meet their needs for relaxation and well-being in a professional and complete way, in a typical mountain setting.

Professional and experienced beauticists will follow your wellness stay at the refuge to give you a truly regenerating break.

The house of theelegant and welcoming SPA was obtained from the renovation of the small tool shed located at the back of the hut, based on the conviction that nothing must be wasted in the mountains. This has given you a warm and originalenvironment, where you can relax in peace with the spectacle of nature beyond the window, from which to watch the snow falling delicate or the branches of the firtrees moved by the spring wind.

Whether you are staying at the Campolongo Hut or just passing through it makes no difference: access to the SPA of this spa on the Asiago Plateau is possible for everyone,upon reservation.

And once inside, you will be pampered and equipped with a cooked wool wellness bag, complete with bathrobe, towels and slippers.

The wellness environment is made entirely of wood and is studied in every detail: from the light wall with salt bricks to the ergonomic sunbeds with fir slats. In the Spa there is a large hot tub, a sauna and a steam room,and outside the cottage, at the back, there are also kneip paths.


The hay baths consist of real dives in fresh mountain herbs in fermentation and specifically in the essences of the meadows of the Asiago Plateau. They are practiced in a special bathtub patented and built right in our mountains.

The constant temperature steam released from the tank facilitates the absorption of the beneficial and active ingredients of hay through the skin and breathing.

This bathroom gives a sense of physical well-being that lasts all day, due to the intense heat and the hydrosaline change generated by the heightened sweating. The skin is thus more toned for stimulation of peripheral circulation, as well as softer and smoother for purification resulting from the absorption of the active ingredients of herbs.

Hay baths are particularly suitable for dissolving tension and muscle stiffness,treating cellulite, localized fat accumulations and swelling in the legs.


The skin is the part of us most in contact with the outside world, for this it must be well cared for and safeguarded. The treatment with brushes consists of a massage of the skin using special brushes made of natural bristles. This action prepares the body for subsequent treatments, which are better absorbed.

Brushing activates microcirculation, stimulates the nervous system,relieves tensions and produces a slight exfoliating action (favouring the removal of dead skin cells), which helps the absorption of beneficial sauces, for example for a subsequent hay bath.


This massage is done with the use of a bag of our own herbs, called "simple bundle". This pack of medicinal mountain herbs and micronized hay is particularly recommended for those suffering from strained muscles.

The substances contained reach the body through a delicate massage called "ancient massage", as it is handed down through our centuries-old traditions. It is mainly used to give relief and regenerate the fatigued back and dissolve contractions and muscle stiffness,by virtue of the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of the herbs used.


Do you want to pull the plug on the hectic everyday life and give yourself a truly beneficial and restorative break? Then take off your clothes and let yourself be enveloped by the beneficial warmth of the sauna and the steam room of the Campolongo Fund Centre spa.

These practices, in fact, are not only a real cure-all for health, but also contribute to the regeneration of the physical and the mind.

In winter, then, we recommend that you try anelectrifying experience: the "swim inthe snow " between one treatment and the other.

As in any good SPA can not miss also the relaxation room, where to rest, rehydrate and relax between sessions. The wellness room is made entirely of wood and really studied in detail, from the bright wall with salt bricks to the ergonomic loungers with spruce slats.

The Campolongo Refuge is very attentive to ecological sustainability and so, for example, the sauna is fed by a wood-burning stove collected in the local woods.


The Kneipp route is a thermal practice that takes advantage of the extraordinary benefits of hydrotherapy, that is, the healthy effects deriving from water on our body.

This practice is named after the German abbot Sebastian Kneipp who, more than two hundred years ago, carried out experiments on himself consisting in immersing himself first in the cold waters of the Danube for a few moments and then in hot water, thus ascertaining the considerable benefits on blood circulation deriving from alternating and repeated dives.

At rifugio Camplongo the new Kneipp path winds outside,at the back of the SPA house, overlooking the pastures and dense woods.

The route takes place by walking in water tanks on the bottom of which river stones have been laid divided by size and type. The alternating passage in the tanks, first hot and then cold,and on other natural backgrounds such as grass and tree bark, allows a plantar massage that helps the oxygenation of the legs.

Immersion in hot water gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation,while contact with cold water invigorates and invigorates.

The walk on the cobbled bottom and the thermal overhang have an invigorating effect on the walls of the capillaries; in addition, the natural massage of water has draining and therefore beneficial properties in case of water retention.

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Here in the woods and pastures of our refuge every moment is a special moment. If you want to give anexperience to live to those you love we have many ideas to suggest, for example:


Everything you need to spend a wonderful day relaxing:

  1. The SPA reserved for two-and-a-half hours for two people at 100.00 euros
  2. Our special Wellness treatments in the shelter: Massages, Hay Baths, Facial-Body Treatments
  3. Specific massages specifici for women in waiting and shiatsu treatments


Lunch or romantic candlelit dinner for two people at 70.00 euros


A warm duvet and the scent of wood:
The Magic Night in the Sanctuary,in the master bedroom, with a mountain breakfast at 90.00 euros

Webcam Live

Thanks to Asiago.it's live webcams you can stay up to date on what happens in real time in various areas of thePlateau,in all seasons.
Watch live webcams to find out what's going on at the Campolongo Refuge,to see what's the weather right now, to check the snow situation or just to enjoy the beautiful views of the Alps.

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