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Nature and history book with texts and photos of Mario Busana and Alberto Manzan


Tra Natura e Storia

The book of nature and HISTORY with text and photos by Mario Busana and Alberto Manzan

  • Title Between nature and history
  • Subtitle With snowshoes in the Highlands of Asiago, Folgaria, Lavarone, Tonezza
  • Pages 124
  • Cover price € 15,00
  • Publishing House Itinera Projects
  • Author (s) Mario Busana (Author and photo), Alberto Manzan (Author and photos)
  • Publication Date 2005
  • ISBN 10 8888542175
  • ISBN 13 978-8888542175
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The snowshoe hiking, better known as snowshoes (probably derives from the term ladino), have become increasingly common among the tourist offers of our many mountain resorts.

The formula that has probably made this new winter sport is its ability to make accessible even in winter all those places were excluded from the big lifts and, for this, all the more fascinating for anyone wanting to find thatincredible contact with nature that mountains can grant.

The snowshoes then become an irreplaceable tool to reach, often in short time and with modest effort, corners of untouched nature and stunning landscapes that will remain etched in our minds as well as in our souvenir photo.

Enjoy these places, where time seems to stand still, also pays for any physical fatigue, providing a moment of detachment from the stress of everyday life. A hike with snowshoes can become so by quoting the famous book "the ancient streets" by Robert Macfarlane, as "walking over a landscape that was reality for feet and Mirage for the spirit".


Inanother happy note is that thepurchase or rental of snowshoes require low costs, in addition to ensuring a pleasant day in the company of loved ones. The use of snowshoes does not require a special preparation technique, and is therefore accessible and recommended for families with children or, within certain time limits, even for older people.

Despite these advantages, it is always necessary to remember that the mountains, especially in winter, requires a certain amount of common sense and preparation, as it always has a certain degree of risk that the hiker will not always know to assess. Purpose of this guide is to inform about the dangerssuch as avalanches or sudden changes in climate, that the mountain can reserve, learning how to prevent such accidents and to avoid them.


Swill thus particularly useful to help two experienced hikers like Mario Busana and Alberto Manzan, both members of the multiannual C.A.I., to travel the 20 routes that the guide provides, starting from the correct choice of the equipment necessary for the assessment of their abilities and itinerary best suited to them.

Each itinerary provides the indication of the difficulty of the route, the time required to follow it, the recommended period for the hike and, through a graph, the total height difference. Never as in winter you must carefully plan an excursion and remain within the marked trails.


PCiaspolata su Pendio Innevatoer all fans of snowshoeing guide also offers the opportunity to rediscover the attractions, such as theAltopiano dei Sette Comuni or those of Folgaria and Lavarone, often forgotten in favour of the most famous resorts of the Dolomites or alpine but who know how to be remembered, thanks to the combination of the beautiful scenery and numerous historical, in particular concerning the great war.

The upcoming centenary of the outbreak of the first world war can only be so if ever proof were needed, a further stimulus to the rediscovery of mountains of Veneto Theatre a hundred years ago, and still today, witness of one of the bloodiest conflicts of human history.



The Marcesina

II Monte Lisser

III Monte Fior

IV Tilman Trail

V Top Echar

THERE Monte Baldo

VII Val di Nos

VIII Malga Zebio

IX Casara Zingarella

X Strong Interrupted

XI Mosciagh Low Mount Gruba

TWELFTH Monte Lemerle-Lekle

13TH Monte Erio

The 14TH Strong Campolongo

XV Strong M. Verena

XVI Top Manderiolo

17TH Cima Vezzena

18TH Monte Maggio

19TH Agra coast-Malga Pioverna

XX Mount Tamma

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