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Route from Campomulo to Malga Moline

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Rifugio Adriana Malga Moline

Campomulo Route - Moline

Route from Campomulo resort to Malga Moline, Asiago Plateau


The trail has been designed to avoid the busy areas as much as possible, so as not to have disturbances on the part of the cars, since the road is white, dusty and quite busy.

The signage placed along the path is made of grasses in the areas where the path crosses the pasture and fettuccine hanging on the branches of the trees in the dense forest. In addition, at the most important junctions and in the most significant places, the route is marked with arrows indicating the "Moline path",with map next to it, "You are here" and remaining distance to get to Moline.

This trail is also passable during the winter,following the same signs: it is beaten with modern skimps, so as to allow both the Nordic walkand the snowshoe walk; In addition, in winter it is also used by service snowmobiles that transport people from the Campomulo hut to the Moline shelter.

ITINERARY:   Excursion from Campomulo to Malga Moline
Technical guidance
Degree of difficulty: average
Difference: 240m
Altitude-min: 1,500m above sea level
Maximum altitude:1,740m above sea level
Length: 16 km (round trip)
Walking time: 3 hours round trip plus 3 hours return
Means: walking
Signage: red balls on the pasture, webbing on the branches of the forest, indication with arrows at the fork.


From Asiago we head to Gaul on the SP76. Past the center of the village and the municipality of Gallio, you take the junction to the left following the signs for "Melette 2000". Continue on the main road until you reach the Campomulo Fund Centre and the Campomulo Base Refuge.


Given its length, the route is quite challenging,but it gives great satisfaction. The path that leads to Malga Moline,in fact, crosses enchanting landscapes, giving the opportunity to those who travel it to enjoy the beauties of the unspoiled nature and to immerse themselves in the silence and peace that characterize these places.
The route is spread over the northern stairway of the Asiago Plateau,at a height ranging from 1500 mslm of Campomulo to 1740 mslm of Malga Moline.

The start, slightly uphill,is signposted after the fence to the north of the Campomulo hut and winds along the track exposed to the sun on the pasture (follow the red balls).
After a few hairpin bends, you reach the Campomuletto saddle at an altitude of 1600 meters, in view of the Dolomites. You arrive slightly uphill and enter a mule track in the woods built specifically to avoid the road. The route of the mule track is very varied, characterized by gentle climbs and descents, curves and counter-curves, and winds until you reach the high road.

They then travel about 50 meters of the high road,which is not paved. To the left (see signage) you take the path that goes up the coast, marked with the inscription "Streich von linen", and you immediately come to the view of the houses of Malga Fiara (see signage with map "You are here").


At this point, you can start a beautiful variant of about 3 km,called"Taverle",which winds almost entirely in the woods, albeit with large clearings. For this reason, the route in this stretch is sawn with fettuccine on the trees.

Downhill you arrive at Prà Campofilone,a wide clearing very suggestive, and following the signage consisting of red balls,you get to the signal that indicates the kilometers to travel to get to Moline and Campomulo.
We then rejoin the main path to Malga Moline after about 500 meters, near the Castellaro square,where the sign with the topographic map"You are here"is clearly visible. From here you can continue to Malga Moline, or return to Campomulo.


After about 300-400 meters you reach the crossroads (see signage), which on the right leads downhill in view of the beautiful rock face of Castellaro. It is a particular bulwark that, surrounded by a large rock wall, stands for about twenty meters. At its top, characterized by dense forest and mugo pine,you can admire beautiful specimens of grouse.

Laghetto Spitz Keserle

Spitz Keserle pond

You are therefore in the middle of a beautiful clearing,overlooking this rock face, from where it is not uncommon to see roe deer hopping in all their elegance and beauty. Taking the left (see signage), slightly uphill, you get to the edge of the forest, where the path goes forward for about 1 km, always slightly uphill.
On the top of this ascent, you arrive at a square:as indicated by the arrow, you continue straight.
Then it goes down again. The forest becomes dense and proceeding, always slightly uphill, it skirts again the rock face of the Castellaro. After about 500 meters, you arrive at the resort "Laghetto", at the foot of spitz Keserle.

It is a small pool of spring water,strange at this height, with swampy contours. You pass it and, after about 200 meters, you arrive downhill in a beautiful valet characterized, to its right, by an imposing rock,a place known for the presence of roosters forks and grouses.
Along this valet, you take the path to the left. In the first stretch it remains flat, then the path climbs into the woods. It uncoils and then descends to the fork that, taking to the right, crosses theformer Malga Pastore (see signage"You are here").


Malga Moline

Malga Moline

After a short climb, you get to the white road (see signage), you take it to the right and walk it for a hundred meters, until you get to the next junction. As per signage, you take the left and, on various terrain (small ups and downs), you finally arrive, after about 1 km, in view of Malga Moline.
Malga Moline will be ready to welcome you with its bar-restaurant and its large solarium,for a well-deserved rest after the excursion (it is advisable to contact the Sanctuary to check its opening on the day of the excursion).



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