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Itinerary for excursion on Mount Zebio - Asiago Plateau


Itinerario Monte Zebio

Hiking and walking itineraries: Itinerary - Mount Zebio Excursion



Mount Zebio is located north of the town of Asiago and has a great historical interest related to the tragic events of the First World War.
Along the entire stretch of the proposed route, in fact, you can see testimonies ofthe intense human activity linked to the construction of war works of the Great War.

The itinerary, therefore, in addition to taking on considerable historical importance,also offers interesting naturalistic themes,such as fir forests, mountain pastures, mountain pools and the rich flora and fauna typical of these environments.

ITINERARIO:   Hike on Mount Zebio
Technical guidance
Degree of Difficulty: Medium/Easy
Climbing: 558 metres
Min altitude: 1,150m above sea level
Max Altitude: 1,708m above sea level
Length: 9 km (return)
Walking time: 5/6h (tourist gait)
Means: walking


The excursion is suitable for any hiker as it does not present any technical difficulties; has been classified as medium-easy as there is a section of ascent in the first part of the route.




The starting point of the route is easily accessible by car by asphalt road and is a short distance from the center of Asiago.
Starting from the center you follow the directions to airport/ contrada Rigoni. Arriving in contrada Rigoni di Sotto take the road that goes up north and leads to the resort Monte Zebio.

When you arrive near Val Giardini you can leave your car in the roadside beaches.



From Val Giardini resort you can walk the dirt road that climbs along the ridge of Mount Pultareche where you can already see a beautiful view of the Asiago conca. Always keeping northerly, you continue along the road that goes up through the meadows and pastures until you reach the edge of the forest.

By immersing yourself in the spruceforest, you immediately perceive the temperature difference typical of this environment; difference as welcome as ever on hot summer days. The fir forest will accompany us all the way to the slopes of Monte Zebio. This stretch, characterized by climbs and flat sections,is spread over mule tracks, forest trails and trails for a length of about 2.5 km.


After crossing the fir forest you come in the vicinity of Mount Zebio. In this area the environment changes radically: the forest in fact gives way to high-altitude pastures characterized by a wide variety of herbs and flowers.

Visiting these places in the summer you can certainly see dozens of cows trying to burn and cool off in the numerous pools of pastures. In addition to maintaining the natural environment, the presence of Malga Zebio allows you to appreciate the quality of dairy products obtained from the milk of mountain pastures.

This whole area is full of historical testimonies related to the First World War. Monte Zebio, in fact, thanks to its central location, between the spring of 1916 and the autumn of 1918, became an important cornerstone of the Austrian resistance line between the Val d'Assa and theOrtigara. For this reason, after the retreat of the Italian troops as a result of the Strafexpedition,a large number of trenches, tunnels and cave positionswere built on this mountain.

Today there are many sites recovered with the creation of the Open Museum of Monte Zebio:the Cemetery of the Sassari Brigade,land donated by the Municipality of Asiago to the Sardinian Region; the Mina della Scalambron, with its white marble stumps with the word"Holy Zone"to remind the passer-by that among those rocks lost the life of the entire garrison of the Catania Brigade and the numerous trenches and tunnels in the area of Zebio Cross.

Itinerario escursione sul Monte Zebio

After a visit to the vast outdoor museum area, head back to Bivacco del Angelo,where you take the path down the Puntara del Lom. From there in a short time you will reach the road that comes from the Cross of St. Anthony; you will walk it downhill and return so comfortably to the starting point in Val Giardiniresort.


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