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Tour tour Malga Camporossignolo

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Malga Camporossignolo

Malga Camporossignolo

Itinerario ad anello della malga Camporossignolo

ITINERARIO: Malga Camporossignolo

Technical guidance

Degree of difficulty: Average length
Climbing: 400m D
Altitude: 1350m above sea level
Length: 9.4 km
Walking time: 3h counting the stop in the farmhouse
Means: walking or MTB – E-Bike


The itinerary is located entirely within the municipality of Lusiana-Conco and leads to the discovery of the Camporossignolo farm and its nature.  Very interesting tour both from a landscape and historical point of view for the still visible signs of the former artifacts dating back to the First World War. it is a path suitable for families and people who wish to spend a day immersed in an environment full of pastures, animals and enjoy a good lunch inside the farmhouse.


Starting by car from the parking lot that leads to the square of Lusiana you proceed along the SP 94 towards Asiago and after 20 meters you turn on the SP 69 always maintaining the direction to the city of Asiago.   We proceed on the same road for about 6.5 km until you reach the junction with indication for Mount Horn - Granezza. Turn left and keep the road taken for another 5 km until you get to a large parking lot where you can leave the car.


Parked the car near the Monte Horn Refuge,you immediately notice a small house with inside the billboards with maps of the trails of the area and with explanations of the resort at both naturalistic and historicallevel. We proceed initially uphill, following the asphalt road in the direction of the Botanical Garden of Mount Horn. After passing the garden shed and the residential complex, it unplugs and keeps the left taking the dirt road leading to the huts of Mount Horn.

Before you get to the farmhouse, there is an intersection,turn right being careful not to take the narrowest dirt road that descends downhill, but holding on the left in the widest and flat dirt road.

There's no shortage of views here. The view falls on the immense Venetian plain that in this stretch of road is clearly visible so much that on clear days the gaze crosses the reliefs of the Berici Hills and beyond. Approaching another fork you can see signs and behind the particular rocks that adorn the whole location. They are sedimentary rocks called ammonitic red or red marble. Ancient rocks that emerge here conspicuously and that in some places form real "rock cities".

Casetta con mappe dei sentieri

You follow the directions in the table turning right towards The East Field and after 5 minutes you reach the building. It is passed by a small path on the pasture outside the fence and leaving the farm on the right you follow the small ridge of the pasture until you cross the valley that rises from the left. It is taken downhill and through the forest mixed with beech and spruce,after a hundred meters you take a wide and gaudy track formed thanks to the forest mechanical means probably used for the logging. You continue until you reach a fence and then find yourself in a forest road. Continue downhill to the right. All this stretch of path is immersed in the woods and this allows those who walk it to benefit from the freshness of the plants before returning to walk towards the farm.

At the end of the descent, a new forest road crosses. Turn left again and along the dirt road you proceed straight for about a kilometer until you get to your destination: the Malga Camporossignolo.

To date the farm is managed by the Nicolin family, which through the farm offers the opportunity for visitors to stop and eat the typical products of this farm.

The surrounding scenery is relaxing, mountain pools and pastures are home to the many animals that in this farmhouse are looked after and left free to graze. Many varieties of cows, from frisone to red pieces and precisely because left free and free to choose the best herbs of the pasture produce a quality milk that will enrich with nutritional properties all the products of the processing: cheeses, toasts and cottage cheeses. formaggi

After eating, you can resume your journey by going back to the green sign with the number 64 and the name of the farm.

Monumento Monte Corno


Turning right, we proceed along the dirt road for another 300 m until you cross a sign with the arrow that says "Bivacco Rossingroba". You turn left and from this moment on you follow the path that plunges into the woods. This stretch is all uphill, but the difficulty is not excessive as the mixed forest of beech, spruce and spruce make the climate pleasant even on the hottest days.

The route is an old mule track dating back to the war era probably built by French troops in support of Italian troops during the Great War.  It goes inside woodland for about a kilometer and a half until you reach the Bivacco Rossingroba and the dirt road that comes from the Osteria Fontanelle.

Leaving behind the bivou ac lingo, turn left and take the main road that from this point on is flat with light stretches of ascent alternating with light downhill sections. It continues for about a kilometre and a half.  Along the way there are many detours that may interest visitors to deviate from the main road to visit the artifacts/ruins and trenches dating back to the war.

Ghertelina del Ghertele

After leaving the stretch of road in the woods you return to the road surrounded by the pastures of the huts,a sign that we are now about to cross the way. In fact, a few meters from the exit from the forest we reach the crossroads that had initially taken to the East Camp Farm.

From this point on the road is the same one made at the start. After about a kilometre we return first to the huts of Mount Horn,then to the Botanical Garden and finally to the parking lot where the car was initially left.



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