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Guide Altopiano

Guide Altopiano

Guides Plateau consists of local guides that operate on the territory of theAltopiano di Asiago 7 Comuni for many years. Membership to the site by members of the group ensures an intimate knowledge of the proposals and a deeply respectful approach towards the environment and its history.
To enhance the professionalism of these figures there is also an academic career that covers, depending on the individual experience, several fields, from natural sciences forestry and tourismmaterials.

Our Guides are professionals recognized and entered in the register of the Vicenza province; they propose to accompany busloads of people on excursions and tours drive on the territory, as required by regional law No. 33 of 11/4/2002.
The group, joined bylove for history, for the environment and for the healthy human relationships makes available its expertise, motivated by a strong passion.

Centenary Excursions of the Great War

41 months on the front line. This is the sad record that belongs to theAsiago Plateau 7 Municipalities,the only territorial area of the entire Italian front to have been affected by the conflict throughout its duration. From that famous 24 May 1915 in which the Fort Verena leaps to the headlines for sanctioning the entry into the war of Italy until the beginning of November 1918 when the Italians finally drive the Austro-Ungarici down the slopes of the highlands, on these lands the two armies have given rise to a continuous succession of battles and useless carnage,they have made and unpacked fortifications, trenches, cities,branding indelibly these woods and these mountains. The legacy that all this has left us deserves to be seen, the dynamics of the war up here deserve to be fully understood.

And it is precisely this history and the thousand stories that are intertwined in it that we want to talk to you.

Schools and organised groups proposals

Highland Guides work throughout the year in accompanying school groups and organized groups with historical theme is that of nature.

We have available a number of proposals, lasting from 1 to 5 days in order to give the opportunity to those who come from far away to visit the most significant present and understand the territory ofAltopiano di Asiago 7 Comuni. The packages are designed to allow visitors to delve into both the historical aspects of the first world war through the visit of the most famous battle scenarios is to discover the natural and cultural wonders that this country offers through guided.

Winter program

Highland Guides also operates during the winter through the Organization of a dense program of snowshoeing diurnal and nocturnal which allow visitors to discover the environment with lights, colors and noise only.
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