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MTB Mountain Bike Trails

Itinerary (MTB) Asiago-Valbella-Valle Dei Ronchi-Monte Fior (Rock City)

Spettacolari formazioni rocciose del monte Fior

Spectacular rock formations of monte Fior

Route For Mountain Bike (MTB) Asiago-Valbella-Valle Dei Ronchi-Monte Fior (Rock City)

Mountain Bike Route (MTB) on Monte Fior: one of the most beautiful places of thePlateau to visit, with its original and spectacular rock formations at the top. This morphological feature does call the Rock City. Do not underestimate the historical significance of this mountain, the scene of many battles during the first world war. As evidence of this, at the top, there is a path along the trenches with tables that tell the history of these places during the war.

ROUTE (MTB) Asiago-Valbella-Valle Dei Ronchi-Monte Fior (Rock City)
Technical indications
Length: 53 Km
Difference in altitude: 1400 m.
Maximum elevation: 1796 mt
Time required: 4 hours


Leaving the ice stadium, take via Trento-Trieste towards the Centre of the country. When you reach the second roundabout, turn right to via Matteotti and after a hundred meters, left to Viale della Vittoria.

The road leads right in front of the sacrario militare di Asiago: symbol of the Vicenza province and where lie the bones of thousands of soldiers who died in World War I. The shrine is open for free, keeping in mind that you cannot enter the Avenue with the Mountain Bike.


The route continues along a dirt road in fake plane that passes through the fields to the left of the shrine. Location approximately 700 metres, turn right on a grassy track, barely visible, coming up through a meadow lies at the Centre of a large tree. Passed the tree, the road to town Zaman will appear more visible and cross some houses, you will have to turn left on a paved road. At the end of a descent of 150 metres, take the dirt road of via Tilman, downhill initially but then it goes back.

La contrada Stona di Sopra e i tornantini che la raggiungono

The Jars over and hairpins that reach

Be careful not to take a side but follow the road which, in its final section, enter a small valley between two rises, increasing slope, until you cross the asphalt Bertigo locations. Turn left at the intersection and follow thedirection of the ski resorts of Valbella. Outdated equipment, follow the road becomes a dirt road and up to Malga Stenfle. From, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama on the plateau: stand out among the other Asiago and Gallium, the latter can also ammirarare the Pakstall ski jump, unused for several years.

From the hut, left down to the dirt road that, after a few hundred meters, delves into the Woods. The dirt road is presented in good condition in the first section, while in the second, especially in correspondence with crossing a small Brook, the bottom is very disjointed to the point of becoming almost a stony ground.

Past this downhill you will come to a Bridge. Cross the bridge and immediately turn right. The road continues down the Valley called Valle dei Ronchi, through picnic areas until you reach contrada Gianesini where it meets the asphalt. Turn left and climb for 300 metres until you come to another Street. Keep to the right at the intersection and continue towards a Bridge that its size makes it seem almost a viaduct. Upon reaching the bridge, take the dirt road to the left and continue along the Valley for 2 km until you reach contrada Cnotenar.

Here keep right leaving the road and continue to the dirt road until you reach the contrada Tessar below. At this point the road becomes paved and salt in a straight line. After about 800 m, turn right towards contrada Jars below.

Citta dei Sassi: unica nel suo genere

Rock City: one of a kind

In and around this district the road salt with a sequence of 10 hairpins close together. Although the gradient is a little heightened, the asphalt allows you to get on with your Mountain Bike (MTB) without difficulty, until you cross the main road linking Foza Gallium. Cross the street, turn right and proceed to the main until the Centre of Foza, reached after 1 Km.

Once in Force, continue the main road beside the Church up to Lai. The contrada, leave the main road and turn left. The road starts to climb with two spaced and arrive after 3.5 Km, near Malga Fratte. Turn left and take the dirt road towards the Roccolo Rinaldo-Monte Zomo.

Come to a crossroads, turn right towards Bocchetta Lora and subsequently Lora Alm, which is 3 Km from the junction. This trait, and especially the next one from the top of Monte Fior, are challenging riding Mountain Bike, because of the sloping bottom and not always in good condition.
The trouble however is rewarded because after Malga Lora, you begin to see in near the top of the trenches that underwent restoration work in recent years. Along the last stretch of the climb you can admire all the surrounding peaks also seeing some Dolomite Peaks.

For those who want to take it easy, the advice is to leave the bike in the sign that indicates the path to the top of the mountain (10 min) and to go to the trenches, and reading all the information prepared along the route from theEco-Museum of the great war, which recounted the various events of the period, drawn from publications; one of all the book called "A year on the plateau" by Emilio Lussu.

Pozza del Biasia

Pool of Biasia

Back to Mountain biking (MTB), the road begins to descend towards casera Nova Mountain. From here begins a beautiful single track that leads to cross the natural beauty of the place: the famous Rock City. On the right side of the path, it is possible to see rock formations sedimentary type really unique in their kind.

Paying attention to the trail, not always of great cycling, you gently through a small pool-pond until you reach a junction where you turn left towards Malga Slapeur. The first few metres after the junction to bring MTB to hand but soon after, just start a lawn, the trail becomes path and, after a few hundred metres, to the above.

From malga, resume the dirt road that comes down with a couple of hairpin bends close to then take a bath salts come down. The side that meet, and follow the main trends of the road that goes around the mountain, tour venue in winter the ski area's Melette. At some point the road enters the trench with two walls of rock on either side and finished this short stretch, you get to take a hairpin. Keep left and traveled a climb of 500 metres, you will arrive to a Summit.

From here, a descent, after about 1 km, to a junction with a paved road. Turn left and get off arriving at Refuge chalet at Campomulo. From here, not to make it too demanding, the final route of the path follows the asphalt road that descends through Gallium and subsequently Asiago, starting point of the route.


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