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MTB Mountain Bike Trails

MTB Route Asiago – White – Cima Caldiera Rock – Val Galmarara

la vicina cima del monte ortigara

The Summit of nearby Mount Ortigara

Route for Mountain biking (MTB) Asiago – White – Cima Caldiera Rock – Val Galmarara

This route is the most difficult to reach the top of Mount Caldiera. It's a very challenging route which, in the middle of forced to dismount the bike and continue on foot for several strokes. The effort is rewarded by the wild environments crossed, culminating with the arrival in top to Mount Caldiera with a 360-degree panorama.

ITINERARY (MTB) : Asiago – White – cima Caldiera Rock – val Galmarara
Technical indications
Length: 57 Km
Difference in altitude: 1890 mt.
Maximum altitude: 2096 mt
Difficulty: difficult
Duration: 6 hours


Started by Asiago ice stadium towards theAirport and walk the perimeter of avio surface to then take the road towards Monte Zebio.
The road becomes unpaved and paved initially grows following the trend of the nearby Val di Nos.
Go straight on neglecting the junction towards Malga Zebio and the turn-off towards Casera Gypsy.

Arrived at an intersection near Casera Busette continue straight starting a very technical climb from disjointed Fund that will culminate near the crossroads where you turn left.
After another short and demanding climb, the forest gives way to a wide open space where you open mountain pastures of Malga Fiaretta.
In the distance you can already catch a glimpse of North-East the Summit of Caldiera main destination of the route.

Taking care to follow the dirt track (waymark 850 trail), which then becomes a jagged trail of stones and rocks, reach Malga Fiara.
To Malga Fiara follow the indications to Malga Mandrielle, reached after about 2 km of fake floor and subsequently towards Malga Fossetta after more 4, 5 km.
From Alpine climbing the dirt road towards the Church of Dimple located a few hundred meters from the hut.

chiesetta fossetta

The Small Dimple

From here the most challenging stretch of the path made of numerous steps on foot leading first to Anvil Holder and then towards the junction located 100 meters from the top of Mount Caldiera.
Please note: this excerpt as well as being steep and bumpy at some points, is about 4 km long, largely routes with bike by hand or on your shoulder, then some physical preparation and spirit of adventure.

The trail eventually echoed the Bridleway that leads to Top Caldiera on top of which is placed a metal cross with an Italian flag.
Here you can admire a fantastic panorama of the surrounding mountains, primarily that of the nearby Monte Ortigara, with his severed column, place a symbol of World War I.
From the top down on trail towards Piazzale delle Lozze is very simple compared to the path previously done.

The successive stages of the route are the Shelter Moline, useful for a short break when and, later, the area of Piazza delle Saline.
Reached this crossroads turn right towards Mount Oven and the Crossroads Conrad.
Al Bivio Conrad opens the view towards the Galmarara Valley where he begins a long descent through the homonymous Hill and continue towards Malga Galmararetta.
Passed the latter malga continue for 1, 3 km to a fork where you must keep left ignoring the main street.

sentiero impegnativo verso la cima

Challenging path to the top

Pay attention because this bifurcation is not very visible and you may skip it mainly because the descent invites you to let go of the bike.
At the junction, the road starts to climb with challenging short distances up to Mosciag cemetery.
Past the cemetery follow the main road towards the Strong Interrupted. Here begins the descent towards Asiago, which becomes tarred in the second half.

To avoid heading down towards Camporovere, pay attention to a left turn toward a Rocky dirt track that leads into the contrada San Domenico hamlet located at the edge of the Centre of Asiago.

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