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MTB route "Campomulo-Barricade-Carridice di San Marco

Panorama nel percorso verso i Castelloni di San Marco

The Valsugana

Route for Mountain biking (MTB) Campomulo – Fence – Carridice di San Marco

The Carridice di San Marco, in the Asiago plateau, is a natural rock formation that takes the form of a labyrinth. This natural phenomenon deserves to be visited because only one of its kind.
The route is very challenging to do in cycling, especially in the latter part (about 600 meters) where you have to carry by hand or shoulder the bike. The descent towards Malga Fossetta (optional) is suitable for experienced riders.

ITINERARY (MTB) : Campomulo – Fence – Carridice di San Marco
Technical indications
Length: 29 Km
Difference in altitude: 990 mt.
Maximum altitude: 1803 mt
Difficulty: medium (hard if you choose downhill to malga Fossetta)
Walking time: 4 hours


It starts from Campomulo, which can be reached from the village of Gallium by taking the road to the ski facilities of Melette.
The Campomulo area is famous for being, in the winter time, venue of the Nordic ski facilities in the area.
From the starting point go north towards Campomuletto and Malga Fiara. Near Malga Fiara bear right going towards Malga Mandrielle.

Beyond the area of malga is a crossroads that lead downhill towards the plain of Gb.
Here the road is predominantly on descents and reaches after about 4.5 Km the Rifugio Barricata. From the refuge take the track downhill towards Grigno and after 1 Km the road that comes off on the left.

From here the road for 5 Km until the Carridice di San Marco. The turnoffs that you encounter along the way keep left. At one point the road ends and, as mentioned in the introduction, the last 600 meters from travel by bike by hand or on your shoulder up to the entrance of the maze where, whenyou leave your bike and start the visit to the foot.
After the visit you have 2 alternatives: descend to the road traveled in first leg or head right to Malga Fossetta.

Indicazioni e segnaletica nel percorso mtb verso i Castelloni di San Marco

Path signage

This part is very technical and suitable for experienced riders. The Fund is steep and jagged rocks and at several points you should get off the bike.
When the challenging stretch ends you will come to an Esplanade near Malga Fossetta.
After malga meets the gravel downhill showing towards Malga Mandrielle, Malga Fiara, Campomuletto and Campomulo, cross-posts in the outward journey.



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