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MTB Mountain Bike Trails

MTB Route "Campomulo – Gb – Monte Lisser – Rifugio Barricata

casermette prima della cima del lisser

Before the top of the small barrackses Lisser

Route for Mountain biking (MTB) Campomulo – Gb – Monte Lisser – Rifugio Barricata

Route that leads to the top of Mount Lisser and his namesake Fort. The route follows both directions that to return the Marcesina plain venue during the winter period of cross-country skiing in the area.
Wonderful panorama which can be enjoyed from the top of the mountain!

ITINERARY (MTB) : Campomulo – Gb – Monte Lisser – Rifugio Barricata
Technical indications
Length: 39 Km
Difference in altitude: 990 mt.
Maximum altitude: 1630 m
Difficulty: medium
Journey time: 3.5 hours


Starting point of the route is Campomulo accessible from Gallium in about 15 minutes from the road leading to the ski facilities of Melette.
From Campomulo up to Campomuletto and at the first intersection, turn right.
The road climbs to a few hundred meters and then start the descent towards the plain of Gb.

Keep following the descent, omitting the turnoffs that you encounter, until arriving in the area of Refuge Marcesina (not to be confused with theHotel Marcesina).
After the asphalt continue retreat toward Refuge Val Maron, tralasciandola after about 2 Km, to take a dirt road to the right that will lead up to Casera Palma.

il paese di foza

In the distance the country of Foza

From casera part the last part of the climb that leads to the Summit of Lisser with his strong, currently under renovation.
The top of the mountain deserves a break because it offers a 360 degrees panorama towards thePlateau, the Valsugana and the nearby Dolomites.
After the break, the descent is along the ski slope of works that are having bypassed the perimeter of the Fort.
Looking towards the Valley keep left of the lift and take the path diagonally down to the Chalet Val Maron.

From the Chalet , take the paved road through the Refuge Val Maron achieved after a few hundred meters and point towards the passo della Forcellona that will make the hills back to the plain of Gb.

rifugio marcesina

Gb the refuge

In the brow point take the right path coming down sideways, until, after the last section of the forest, the road which leads to malga Val Covered.

You reach the malga, continue towards the Rifugio Barricata, recommended place for a lunch break.
After the refuge up to twenty metres towards a House/hut belonging to the Municipality of Grigno.
Cross the courtyard of structure and cut the lawn until you find a dirt road (not very visible) that leads first to Malga Fiara, then Campomuletto and Campomulo.

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