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Route For Mountain Biking (MTB) – Asiago Observatory

l'Osservatorio Atronomico di Asiago

Atronomico Observatory of Asiago

Route For Mountain Biking (MTB) – Asiago Observatory

Itinerary for Mountain Bike (MTB) easy to traverse the area of ski resorts of Valbella until you reach thesservatorio Astronomico di Asiago. From the Observatory, you can enjoy a spectacular view over the wholePlateau.

ITINERARY(MTB): – Asiago Observatory
Technical indications
Length: 27 Km
Difference in altitude: 600 m.
Maximum altitude: 1366 m
Walking time: 2 hours 30


Stepping out from Ice Palace take via Trento-Trieste heading towards the Centre of the village.
At the second roundabout turn right to via Matteotti and after 100 meters turn left to Viale della Vittoria. The door opposite the military shrine of Asiago, imposing monument that preserves the corpses of fallen 54286 between Italians and austro-Hungarians.

For those who want to, can be shrine visited for free while respecting the timetable, but remember that you can't get by bike along the Avenue.


On the left of the shrine, the route continues along a dirt road that, with a trend in false floor, continues into through meadows.
After about 700 metres turn right onto a grassy track not very evident that climbs through a lawn with a large tree in the Center. After the tree you can see more prominently the road that leads into town Zaman.

Cross some houses you meet theasphalt where you turn to the left. Walk 150 metres down and turn to the road called via Tilman. This dirt track first drops for a few hundred metres to go. Be careful to leave out all the side streets and to continue the road in its final stretch he slips in a small valley between two bumps going up with slope accentuated up to cross the asphalt road near the locality Bertigo.

La strada sterrata che costeggia il Sacrario militare

The dirt road that runs alongside the military Shrine

At the nextcrossing turn left following the indication of the ski resorts of Valbella. Achieve and exceed the plants and following the road that becomes gravel road, go up in the direction of malga Stenfle. Once here, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama on thePlateau with Asiago and Gallium that stand out over other places.

From this location you can see the ski jump of gallium Pakstall disused since 2002. After Malga Stenfle the road continues gently uphill until you make the hills near a monument dedicated to the fallen. Leave the monument on the right and after a short descent, turn right along pleasantly Melago Valley passing near a marble quarry.

Follow the main road slightly downhill leaving the laterals who meet up to take the 2nd street right next to a small clearing. Arrived near the area, pay attention because the road is not particularly visible and, on running, forces her to quickly change the gearbox ratios because salt firmly towards the forest. This forest runs for 4 miles around monte with ups and downs until the paved road that leads tothe Observatory.

From here continue to climb to just over 1 km until you reach the goal. Having rested a bit and have admired landscape surrounding it, start the descent along the road for a few metres of the Observatory until you pass another building adjacent to it. From here the road returns to be dirt road along the crest of the promontory.
After passing the Malga di Costalunga Field, near the arrival of an old lift, keep your left and go down to the dirt road. Make sure the bottom of the road quite bumpy and fence Gates demarcating the areas reserved for grazing animals.

Vista dell’Altopiano nei pressi dell’osservatorio

View of the plateau near the Observatory

Cautiously down the road turn left for Tilman trail (indicated by its sign) until you come to the road traveled the first leg in Bertigo. Arrived at theintersection, not to make the same path of forward, turn left and continue on the asphalt for about 800 meters until turn right on one side near the disco Snoopy.

After a slight climb we arrive in via Pennar where you can make a stop at Pennar dairy to buy dairy products. Fuelling, now the route draws to its conclusion until you get down near the main road that brings to Asiago and the starting point of the route.

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