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MTB Mountain Bike Trails

Route For Mountain Biking (MTB) Campomulo-Gb-Piazzale Lozze

Prati e pascoli lungo piana di Marcesina

Pastures along Gb plain

Route For Mountain Biking (MTB) Campomulo-Gb-Piazzale Lozze

Mountain Bike Route(MTB) pleasant traveling the roads in winter are home to the cross-country trails of the Campomulo-Gb. The Marcesina plain with its meadows and pastures and its definitely worth a visit.

ITINERARY(MTB)Campomulo-Gb-Piazzale Lozze
Technical indications
Length: 31 Km
Difference in altitude: 850 m.
Maximum altitude: 1781 m
Walking time: 2 hours 30


The starting point of the route is from Campomulo refuge reachable by Gallium for the road that leads to the ski area Melette.
The choice of this starting point is to avoid long transfers on asphalt that would not interest within the itinerary.


Started by Campomulo, through the dirt road that passes next to a warehouse adjacent to the refuge, crossing the road paved climbs towards Campomuletto350 metres paths will meet a junction where you turn right. The road becomes unpaved and pleasantly until finally turning after about 1 km. Near the brow neglecting the laterals who meet and begin the descent.
After a few hundred metres, at a fork in the road, keep left and continue down very fast and will slide, after about 2.5 Kmat the beginning of the Marcesinaplain, known by many as one of the areas of Italy where in winter there are cooler temperatures.

Il Piazzale delle Lozze

The Piazzale delle Lozze

Leaving the Marcesina Hut in the distance, continue on tarmac for a few hundred meters to the right taking the dirt road that leads to Malga Marcesina below and ends at theHotel Marcesina (not to be confused with refuge Marcesina seen earlier). From here continue on the road until you reach the Rifugio Barricata.

From the Rifugio Barricata pay attention to take the dirt road that starts after crossing the parking lot of the shelter at a boxroom for tools. From here begins the most challenging stretch of the route as some stretches the bottom is quite uneven and, at times, leaningLeave two side roads meet: the first one turns to the left and the second to the right.

Passed seven bends close to each other which oblige a certain commitment on the pedals it starts a stretch quite spectacular as, on the right of the path, you can admire the spectacular rock formations called the rock of Alpofin. Crossed the area meets the asphalt again, taking it up to Piazzale delle Lozze.

The Piazzale delle Lozze is the starting point for hikers on foot, to the top of Mount Ortigara, monte sacro alla patria where in June 1915, in a few days, more than 12,000 soldiers died.

Special artifacts along the way to Piazza delle Saline

Special artifacts along the way to Piazza delle Saline

Let the Piazzale delle Lozze the road becomes a dirt road and descends for approximately 1.3 Miles until you reach the Refuge AdrianaMalga Moline , in the opening period, is worth a stop. Pass in front of the hut, make a small climb on a grassy road that descends immediately after heading towards Piazza delle Saline.

Continue downhill until Campofilone Pra and, omitting other side meet, continue for a short climb in the direction of Malga Fiara that is reached after approx. 2 km. From Malga Fiara descent continues for another short stretch to the point of becoming a slight ups and downs leading up to Campomuletto and then down towards Campomulo, starting point of the route.

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