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MTB Mountain Bike Trails

Route For Mountain Biking (MTB) Roana – Mandrielle – Posellaro Trugole

Prati e pascoli in zona malga Posellaro

Pastures near malga Posellaro

Route For Mountain Biking (MTB) Roana – Mandrielle – Posellaro Trugole

Route for Mountain biking (MTB) pleasant because it crosses the forest to false in the first part (great for hot summer days), then up to the hill-country area, some of which offer the possibility to buy typical local products. The itinerary does not present particularly challenging points, except for the stretch of dirt road about 3 km that goes up to Malga Mandrielle.

ITINERARY(MTB): Roana – Mandrielle – Posellaro Trugole
Technical indications
Length: 31 Km
Difference in altitude: 800 m.
Maximum altitude: 1575 m
Journey time: 3 hours


The starting point of the route is at laghetto di Roana. The opportunity to sunbathe on the Beach of the Lake, or experience theacropark with its 8 paths that wind between cars and walkways.


Coming towards the pond take the road uphill to the left. The path goes up for about 3 Miles with slopes not too pronounced, until you meet a road paving on the right closed with a bar of metal. Take the road and follow it for approximately 6 miles. This stretch is very pleasant as it crosses into falsopiano the Assa Valley, crossed by the torrentomonimo that it is nearly always dry because the terrainis typical of theKarst area allows the water to seep into the underground.

Along the Valley you can admire: right top of Portule and Larch Summit, while on its left, although not visible, Northeast Wall of Monte Verena. Arrived at a crossroads, take the left and climb with slopes never extreme, for approximately 3 Miles until you make the hills near Malga Mandrielle, where you open a view of the surrounding mountains.

Malga Mandrielle

Malga Mandrielle

Cross the asphalted road that in winter is home to the cross-country trails of Campolongo and turn right. The road rises slightly for some hundreds of metres before descending again. Attention: at the second bend, abandon the road turning left towards Malga Posellaro Field.

Come to the malga follow the path, leaving the mountain at right and crossing the lawn/pasture. Pay attention because the path is not clearly visible and may appear a bit muddy due to the continuous walking surface of cattle grazing. Looking at the bottom of the lawn look you can see the road to take.

At the beginning of the road you might encounter in wire barriers and/or to delimit the border cattle grazing: pay attention and close them after they crossed.

Continuing the road he lands at Malga Trugole where, after a slight descent, climb to the Crosaron junction and, keeping to the right, you reach the Refuge Campolongo, winter departure venue of cross-country skiing.

Casare Trugole

Negro Trugole

From the refuge of the paved road that leads to a junction where you turn right. Caution: start the descent along 500 metres approximately, because you will find on your left a fork to a dirt road and after 1 km leads to the Clearing of the merchants.

In this area, adjacent to the Mount Erio, keep left at the junction in the direction of Malga Gruppach. Continue downhill until a fork in the road at curva del Martin.From here, descend 100 meters crossing the road traveled the first leg down to the pond.


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