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LARCHES PARK: at last the Asiago plateau has his snowpark!

Published 29 Nov 2017 - 16.09
Rendering Snowpark Valformica

The Larches Park is the most South of the Alps and opens new perspectives to the lovers of the evolutions in the snow

  •      Giornale l'Altopiano 18 novembre 2017
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Another little gem that is in addition to a careful and qualified tourist offer, continuing in this important and challenging project that members of Cima Larches srl are carrying out to ensure a more complete proposal to the many tourists and the plateau's attending Val Ant and Larches.

I recently completed the construction of the larch trees Park, which represents the major innovation for next winter under the offer of winter sports in the territory. At last, the plateau has a snow park: fun lovers evolutions on the snow, and all those who want to approach the snowboarding and free style, will rely on the option Park the further south of the Alps, and therefore as close to reach for a big slice of fans of our region and beyond.

"After the completion of the chairliftsay Alexander Bregolato and Agostino Panozzo, Larch top administrators srl – we really wanted particularly to expand the provision of our services with a snow park in a certain level that you could well marry with the natural environment of the area, in order to respond to requests for a target audience of users of all ages. For this we entrusted to the largest design firm in Northern Italy, the F-Tech of Merano, which has important references having designed parks as thick as those of the Kronplatz or the Schnalstal, just to name a few. The company, which has years of experience, gave a personal consultation can answer every specific need, first and foremost that of a special responsibility towards the environment. The schedule was made based on accurate GPS measurements, then transferred to 3D map and optimized. The project was integrated as much as possible with the existing natural soil, minimizing interventions and therefore the impact to the environment, while also providing turf recovery anytime soon. All within a framework of security, high functionality, but also creativity and innovationand, as required by the dynamic world of free style".

Snowpark in Val Formica - rendering

The Larches Park, served by the ski-lift-lifts Asiago 2000, thus opens up new perspectives for lovers of emotions on snow, which can live amazing experiences competing in jump, evolutions, flights and landings throughout Security. All in a sunny area surrounded by magnificent nature.

"Fleet management – explain Bregolato and Panozzo -we rely on thePort of Vicenza Pros as provided herein, which has over 20 years of presence in the field of snowboarding and skiing. In addition to contributing to the optimization of the use of the Park thanks to its technical expertise, will supply promotional and image and event management, including days devoted to testing of materials, the use of the park itself, various contest".

Thanks to the snow park of Val Ant the plateau comes equipped with a structure that you missed and that qualifies as the entire territory, not just the area where it stands. An additional piece of initiative for the redevelopment of an area considered among the finest of the seven municipalities, subject to six years of major enhancement interventions, thanks to a group of businessmen loyal the place which moved first to restore honor to an area that had been abandoned for a long time.

Projects that do not end with this latest achievement. What will be the next? "First of all- State Bregolato and Panozzo – the construction of the reservoir in order to program the snow if needed, and a new chairlift to bring skiers on unforgotten Larch Top track, for which funds have already been allocated. This is a project that is particularly dear to us, long awaited by those who have always considered the top track Larches the prettiest of the plateau, it hopes to restore.

We hope to give a response within a short time, too!"

Larici Park renderingEasy, Medium and Family, three different lines to meet every need

What will those who ski and snowboard with aspire to engage in those that are more than just rides?
We explain the Pros who will manage the Port of Vicenza, S. D. structure, coordinating everything that applies to you.

"The Larches Park has been designed to offer a service to an audience ranging from novice up to those who have advanced medium capacity – demonstrate -and has three different lines, for a total of about 1,500 meters: the Easy line (500 mt.) the Medium Line (450 m) and the Family Line (550 m). The goal is to accommodate users of all ages, which have sufficient capacity to control snow gear and knowledge of the rules to be followed in order to access and safely share
the facilities with others "

What are other features of the Park?

"Placed as the further south of the Alps, is distinguished geographically for its proximity to the Plains and for ease of access. It is the first of its kind on the Asiago plateau and alpine foothills, and aims to satisfy all those fans who have long been waiting for a snow park close to home. As well as being designed to have as little environmental impact as possible and ensure maximum safety for users, requires a minimum use of natural snow, this is another important aspect also in a perspective of the future room amenities of Ski Area Val Ant of the snow".

By insiders, you have probably had the opportunity to test the concerns for this new creation.

"There is a lot of expectation, for more than twenty years it expected a snow park that was close to reach. Many snowboarders of the province have already bet your eyes on the news, and in the environment has spread, giving hints of a very positive climate of expectation. "

And say they are really excited about this news the ski and snowboard instructors of the ski school Val Larches Ant.

"The Larches Parksays the school's Director Christian Campbell -enriches the offer of Ski Area Val Formica and its realization gives you the opportunity to experience the area broadly expanded even more. In addition to the practice of Alpine skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing in the outdoors, you can amuse yourself with the freestyle in its various facets, is skiing with the Board. It's a sport recognized by the Italian Winter Sports Federation within the Larches Park, can be practiced by everyone in total safety thanks to the technical advice that our masters will give. The three lines of different difficulties will also experience on skis is not experienced. Situations within the park allow, especially to children, to enrich quickly their motor skills, which will allow a fast learning of skiing technique. We just have to wait for the opening of the Ski Area to test firsthand this attractiveness: can't wait!"

Silvana Bortoli

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