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Orienteering trails

Campolongo Orienteering Route - Campovecchio


Cavalli nell'itinerarioRoute to orienteering Campolongo - Campovecchio - Asiago Plateau


From Mezzaselva continue towards Monte Verena. On the left you will find theindication for the Campolongo Plain with the information panel of the fixed orienteering plant. (Coordinate: Gauss Boaga West fused ROME 1940 5,085,469 N, 1,685,647 E; GMS UTM WGS 45th 53' 51,0701''N, 11th 23' 33,8999'E).

ITINERARY ORIENTEERING:   Campolongo - Campovecchio
Technical guidance
Degree of difficulty: E- Hiking
Min altitude:1588m above sea level
Maximum altitude:1660m above sea level
Length:4286 m (Return)
Walking time:1h 30 minutes (tourist gait)
Means:on foot
Instrumentation: Map, Compass, GPS


One of the oldest tools for reading and exploring the territory is undoubtedly the map, which, together with the compass,is a cornerstone of recreational activities with themed itineraries and natural places to visit and explore. To help yourself in the"open-air gym",there are "fixed" control points, made with clearly visible orange-white signs and bearing the relevant identification code.

It starts from the plain of the Campolongo hut (1601 m above sea level) and crosses the typical mountain environment of the pastures of Malaga. We visit the points of the recommended route in the order indicated using map and compass or GPS with the recommended tracks and coordinates.

The forest crossed is formed by spruce and white spruce and is periodically cut to make room for renovation and sell the timber obtained.

Campolongo's pastures have been associated with Campovecchio'sfor years. The refurbished former farmhouse is the site and starting point of an important bottom center equipped with both competitive and amateur slopes that reach the nearby Trentino.

The itinerary will take us to visit the two houses in the area, namely Campolongo and Campovecchio (still in business) overlooking the nearby Monte Verena. Pastures rich in flora and wrecks of the pastoral activity of previous centuries are crossed. Campovecchio develops along the road leading to the ski resorts of Mount Verena,at about 2000m altitude. All around, the spruce forests are the ideal habitat ofthe urugallo - also mentioned by Rigoni Stern - and not far away you can hear the continuous wrinkle of the gallo forcello.


Altimetria itinerario orienteering Campolongo - Campovecchio


  Code Description Coordinate Gauss Boaga West (ROME 1940) GMS UTM Coordinate (WGS 84)
1 32 Isolated tree N5.085.818, E1,685,729 N45th 54' 02,2888', E11th 23' 38,1877''
2 43 Isolated tree N5.086,195, E1,686,078 N45th 54' 14,1540'' , E11th 23' 54,8962''
3 44 Fence N5.086,745, E1,685,902 N45th 54' 32,1307', E11th 23' 47,5015''
4 46 Ruin N5.086,701, E1,686,216 N45th 54' 30,4005', E11th 24' 02,0019''
5 47 Carareccia curve N5.085.925, E1.686235 N45th 54' 05,2603', E11th 24' 01,7996''
6 40 Clear N5.085.756, E1,868,035 N45th 53' 59,9840', E11th 23' 52,2901''
7 41 Rock N5.085.318, E1,686,112 N45th 53' 45,7295', E11th 23' 55,2495''
8   Finish, New10 N5.085,469, E1,685,647 N45th 53' 51,0701'', E11th 23' 33,8999''



Download the file to reach the individual points by clicking here: campolongo gps points - Campovecchio


Download the file to follow the recommended route and reach the checkpoints indicated by clicking here: track gps Campolongo - Campovecchio


You can download the map for the excursion with the location of the suggested control points with the itinerary by clicking on MAP CAMPOLONGO - CAMPOVECCHIO. You will also find additional points to visit on your own. If you are looking for a map with detailed symbolism for orienteering, contact the ASD Asiago 7 Common SOK association.


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