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Trail orienteering Rotzo-Castelletto


Chiesa di Santa MargheritaItinerary for orienteering Rotzo-Castelletto, Asiago plateau


From the Centre of Rotzo continue and continue past the cemetery. You will find on the right the information panel of theorienteering fixed plant near the football field. (Coordinates: 5,081,506 N, West zone Gauss Boaga ROME 1940 1,686,246 E; Coordinate UTM WGS 84 45° 51 ' GMS 42.1912 ' N, 11° 23 ' 56.1469 ' ' E)

Technical indications
Degree of difficulty: T-tourist
Difference in elevation: 87 m
Elevation min: 909 m above sea level
Max: 978 m above sea level
Length: 3598 m (roundtrip)
Walking time: about 1:00 (tourist gait)
Means: on foot
Instrumentation: Map, compass, GPS


With the map we have a very detailed reading of the landscape to be used for the exploration of the territory as a recreational activities everyday with themed itineraries and places to visit. In the outdoor gym "fixed" points of the path are identified by signs white-Orange and its identification code.

Starting from the information panel near the football pitch (967 m a.s.l.) we head to theinside of the Rotzo campaign along the ancient routes now serving potato crops. You pass through large areas of deforested and cultivated over the centuries with characteristic dry stone walls and piles of rocks spanning the Rotzo plain dotted with copses.

We visit the recommended route in this order using map and compass or GPS with tracks and contact details. The woods crossed consists of spruce and deciduous trees such as willows, Alders.

Recommended Guide books for this route: ASD Asiago 7 Comuni SOK
ASD Asiago 7 Comuni Sok

To get the basics on using map and compass or be followed by an orienteering instructor with more information.

The ways that we invite you to take lead in touch cultural emergencies such as the ancient Church of Santa Margherita, the first monument sign of Christianity on thePlateau of 7 Municipalities. The building ranks as building around 1100 and is located right in the center of the more "historical" of Highland: between Bostel -site of the first human settlement-and the Altarknotto -sacrificial Area dedicated to the pagan gods with the nearby Summit of Altaburg.

There are, to date, many documents concerning the origin of the Church of Santa Margherita. Her story, in fact, is only partly collected in the oral tradition handed down even in official documents, in fact, that the Bishop's visitation report of 1602 you post that "this was the first Church of seven municipalities".

Nearby places overlooking the Val d Assa, where once practiced pastoralism and agriculture in small spaces with a breathtaking view of the Pasubio and the Cimone mount with Tonezza. Upon returning from the campaign go through the village of Rotzo to return to the starting point.

Altimetria itinerario orienteering Rotzo - Castelletto


  Code Description Coordinate Gauss Boaga West zone (ROME 1940) GMS UTM-coordinate (WGS 84)
1 32 Junction carareccia N 5,081,199, E 1,686,271 N45° 51 ' 23 ' 32.2282 ' ' 56.8776 ' ', E11°
2 37 Capital, southwest corner N 5,081,137, E 1,685,888 N45° 51 ' 23 ' 30.5935 ' ' 39.0455 ' ', E11°
3 38 Boulder N 5,080,618, E 1,685,814 N45° 51 ' 23 ' 13.8634 ' ' 34.8957 ' ', E11°
4 39 Crossroads trail N 5,080,687, E 1,685,546 N45° 51 ' 23 ' 16.3571 ' ' 22.5750 ' ', E11°
5 34 Junction carareccia N 5,081,017, E 1,685,523 N45° 51 ' 23 ' 27.0628 ' ' 21.9672 ' ', E11°
6 35 Junction roads N 5,081,376, E 1,685,415 N45° 51 ' 23 ' 38.7897 ' ' 17.4611 ' ', E11°
7 36 Corner road N 5,081,466, E 1,685,871 N45° 51 ' 23 ' 41.2609 ' ' 38.7152 ' ', E11°
8   Finish N 5,081,506, E 1,686,246 N45° 23 ' 51 ' 42.1912 ', 56.1469 ' ' E11°


Download the file for single points by clicking here: POIs Rotzo-Castelletto


Download the files to follow the recommended route and reach the checkpoints indicated by clicking here: GPS track Rotzo-Castelletto


You can download maps for hiking in the location of the checkpoints suggested itinerary by clicking on MAP ROTZO CASTELLETTO. You will find also reported further points to visit independently. If you search the map with detailed symbology for orienteering contact the Association ASD Asiago 7 Comuni SOK.