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Itinerary orienteering Cima Larici

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Pascoli e praterie dopo Rifugio Larici Itinerary for orienteering Cima Larici, Asiago plateau


From the center of Asiago continue to Camporovere and Vezzena. You will find on the right the road with the signs to reach the locality Rifugio Larici da Alessio: the information panel of the fixed orienteering system near the refuge. (Coordinate: Gauss Boaga spindle West ROME 1940 5.093.661 N, 1.686.932 E; GMS UTM WGS 45° 58' 15.1734" N, 11° 24' 44.9475" E).

Technical indications
Degree of difficulty: E - Hiking
Difference in altitude: 395 m
Min elevation: 1637 m asl
Max altitude: 2000 m asl
Length: 5945 m (Round trip)
Walking time: about 2h 30 minutes (tourist pace)
Means: on foot
Instrumentation: Map, Compass, GPS


In the open-air gym that surrounds us there are the "fixed" points of the path that are made with white-orange signs to be reached and the relative identification code. The map becomes a detailed tool for reading the territory to be explored with the use of the territory through recreational activities every day with themed itineraries and places to visit.

In Val Formica- Cima Larici, a well-known ski area, we are in the middle of a basin with large pastures surrounded by coniferous woods that become more suggestive on the tops of the mountains.

It starts near the Rifugio Larici da Alessio (altitude 1751 m above sea level.m.) and crosses a mountain environment of the malga pastures.

We visit the points of the recommended itinerary in the order indicated using the map and compass or the GPS with the recommended tracks and coordinates. On the summit of Cima Larici opens on the horizon the view of Verena and Cima Portule, to get lost in the distance towards the plain of Vezzena. From Porta Manazzo along the path you can devour the underlying Val di Sella and the Valsugana already Trentino.

The forest crossed, where the capercaillie lives, is formed by spruce, white fir and larch and begins to make room for mountain pine and dwarf juniper. The forest is periodically cut to leave room for renewal and sell the timber obtained. Chamois and roe deer, are frequent inhabitants of these areas, as well as the sighting of marmots, with their burrow near the paths. A nice detail: marmots are so accustomed to the presence of man that they no longer whistle to signal the danger.

The itinerary will take us in view of the housekeepers of the area, Casara Porta Manazzo much sought after by the Malghesi for the quality of its pastures and for the breadth of the views, crossing very productive pastures rich in flora and history.


Altimetria Cima Larici



  Code Description Coordinate Gauss Boaga West Spindle (ROME 1940) GMS UTM coordinate (WGS 84)
1 47 Pile of boulders No 5,093,806, E1,686,899 N45° 58' 19.8998", E11° 24' 43.6192"
2 48 Isolated tree No 5,093,842, E1,687,319 N45° 58' 20.6529", E11° 25' 03.1695"
3 49 Curve path No 5,093,902, E1,687,693 N45° 58' 22.2273", E11° 25' 20.6180"
4 52 End of ski lift No 5,094,369, E1,687,616 N45° 58' 37.4209", E11° 25' 17.7023"
5 53 Crossing paths No 5,094,680, E1,687,288 N45° 58' 47.8113", E11° 25' 02.9113"
6 55 Crossing path/filospinato No 5,094,748, E1,686,293 N45° 58' 50.9879", E11° 24' 16.8048"
7 43 Isolated tree No 5,094,406, E1,685,829 N45° 58' 40.3695", E11° 23' 54.7806"
8 45 Isolated tree No 5,094,083, E1,686,103 N45° 58' 29.6458", E11° 24' 07.0508"
9   Finish No 5,093,661, E1,686,932 N45° 58' 15.1734"', E11° 24' 44.9475"


Download the file to reach the individual points by clicking here: Cima Larici GPS points


Download the file to follow the recommended itinerary and reach the control points indicated by clicking here: CIMA Larici GPS track


You can download the map for the excursion with the location of the control points suggested with the itinerary by clicking MAP CIMA LARICI. You will also find reported additional points to visit independently.


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