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Events Asiago Plateau - Sunday 20 May 2018

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Children's workshop "Reading the tale of Pinocchio" at the Museum of Prisons Asiago-20 April 2018

Sunday 20/5/2018 at 11:00

Children's workshop at the Museum the prisons during "Asiago"

For Sunday 20 June 2018 the Museum the prisons of Asiago is organizing the workshop for children "Reading the tale of Pinocchio", placed in the context of the exhibition " …


Openings and activities of the Museum's Educational Nature may 2018 "Patrizio Rigoni" di Asiago

Dal 1/5/2018 al 31/5/2018
Aperture maggio Museo Naturalistico Asiago

January 2018 at the natural history Museum of Asiago

During the month of March 2018, the naturalistic Museum educational "Patrizio Rigoni" of Asiago will be open on the following dates and at the following times: …

Openings and activities of the Museum

Exhibition "ASIAGO TELLS the YOUNG HEMINGWAY" Asiago Prisons Museum

Dal 25/3/2018 al 12/7/2018
Mostra Hemingway ad Asiago

Thematic exhibition on Ernest Hemingway at the Museum 25 March 2018 Asiago-Prisons From the 12 July 2018

Opens a new exhibition season at Asiago Prisons Museum with historical exhibitions linked to the last stages of the great war in 1918, an exhibition dedicated to the young and future Nobel Laureate …

Exhibition "ASIAGO TELLS the YOUNG HEMINGWAY" Asiago Prisons Museum