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the plateau of marvels-DVD-Mario Rigoni Stern-Robert Costa


Documentary about the nature of the Asiago plateau 7 Comuni

  • Title the plateau des merveilles
  • Cover price € 18,00
  • Director Fabio Coluccelli, Luca Benetti
  • Year 2014
  • DVD Region Region 2
  • Number of discs 1
  • Studio Archimedia-Professional Video
  • 62 minutes Duration
  • Pictures Roberto Costa
  • Lyrics Mario Rigoni Stern
  • Vocals Elda Olivieri
  • Music Music Media

The plateau of wonders is an extraordinary journey into the depths of the nature of the plateau of the seven municipalities. Born from the friendship of the writer Mario Rigoni Stern with the photographer Roberto Costa, the plateau of wonders was first a beautiful book and today has become a real documentary film by directed by Luca Benetti and Fabio Coluccelli.

One morning in December you'll see uniformly gray sky, the clouds, the darker Woods and, from a stack of wood, schizzar via wrens.
His silver Tinkerbell tell you next the first snow.

Mario Rigoni Stern

Through the passionate voice of Elda Olivieri, the DVD presents a sequence of pictures and videos on the spectacle of life in secluded corners and secrets of the plateau of the seven municipalities. An extraordinary journey to discover the forests and the mountain through the eyes of a great photographer and a narrator's words to be forgotten.

Mario Rigoni Stern

Born in 1921 in Asiago, proved in 1953 with the Sergeant in the snow, one of the most famous books of the postwar period. Is one of the most significant writers of Italian 900. The link between memory and nature have always been the essence of his work, in which gave voice to the things, people and stories of his homeland.

The plateau of wonders was born from the friendship and collaboration with the photographer Roberto Costa.

Roberto Costa

Roberto Costa of every lawn, each forest, to every nook and cranny of knows the secrets because there was night and day, with the Sun and rain. There he took thousands of photos. Long waits for seizing the moment, the moment, the right light. Always alone. Spying with the body on his back in the snow, camouflaged among the shrubs. Listening to themselves and nature. For hours, for days, for years.

Roberto animals and upland bird knows every species, every shift. Where they meet, where they eat, where they grow. Every shot is admiration for them. Forty years of photos. Tells the plateau. Chronicles the life. The life of nature which becomes his life, reminding us that even our lives. To this should be protected.

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