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The tales of "el Uncle Joani" - Stories about the Asiago Plateau told by the Malagasy Giovanni Covolo

Video "I racconti dello Zio Giovanni"

Testimony on life as a Malagasy, on the territory of the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities and its history

Blessed are those who in these colors
will be elected in malaga shepherds
Blessed are the house owners and the cows
who never die of hunger and thirst
Shout out the cow in the stallion
excons with the cows in great procession
He with the stick under his thighs
defends the herd from snakes and toads
Finally, for the last blessed, the malgari
that with cows and cheeses I cann do good business

Giovanni Covolo is a Malagarian of theAsiago Plateau who has been for years managing the Malga Funds.

In this video,made by Luca Tacconi,"el Uncle Joani"tells us a bit about his life, his life experiences in the mountains of the Plateau, while beautiful images and shots from above of the surrounding territory alternate in a succession of strong emotions.

Uncle Giovanni is a genuine, authentic, generous character and it is a real pleasure to hear his stories: from childhood memories to the testimonies handed down of the Great War that shocked the territory and our people a hundred years ago.

The stories are punctuated by the rhythm of the life of the Malagar,which follows the slow and natural passage of time and preserves ancient traditions and knowledge of the time.

Directed, filmed and edited by Luca Tacconi.


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