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Live webcam from the springboard of gallium-Altopiano di Asiago 7 Comuni

Live view from the springboard of gallium

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Unmatched live view on Gallium, from the webcam installed on the trampoline Pakstall K95 , allowing you to admire from a privileged perspective the view over the village and the nature around him up to see in the distance also the military shrine of Asiago.
Gallium, one of the 8 municipalities of the Asiago plateau, 1090 meters above sea level. The village is nestled in a pristine nature, made of Woods, pastures and mountains, where the atmosphere is crystal clear.
We see it in all its beauty from the webcam installed on the ski jump, located about 300 meters from the Centre of Gallium. This trampoline, over the years, has hosted, among other competitions, also the Junior World Championships of 1987 and a leg of the ski jumping World Cup in 1988.
After its closure in 2002, remained an active trampoline HS66 average, while in summer the K95 is used for event Pakstall K95 Glory Line, a race uphill on the springboard, during which athletes and fans of racing each other trying to get to the top as soon as possible, encouraged by the audience.
Besides the main springboard, the area also includes some minor organisations and that is also known as the Valley of Trampolines.

Comune di Gallio Webcam TrampolinoWebcams of Asiago.it in collaboration with the municipality of Gallium


Gallium, Ghel in cimbro, is one of the 8 Municipalities of Highland, located 4 km northeast of Asiago.
Its territory, rich in history and sports and tourist attractions, is the ideal place to spend a holiday full of relaxation, culture and funin the summer and in winter, between walks and excursions in the places of the great war and days on the ski trails and downhill.
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Webcam con vista dal Trampolino di Gallio

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