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PTZ live webcam from Asiago's Millepini Park with views of Tennis Courts and Minigolf

Live view from Millepini Park

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Live webcam with views of the park, mini-golf and tennis courts of Asiago's Regina Brigade Park (or Millepini Park).

This live webcam from Asiago.it offers three interesting real-time views of Asiago's Millepini Park and the tennis and mini-golf courts inside.

A short walk from the center of Asiago,adjacent to the Ice Stadium, the Regina Brigade Park – known more simply as Millepini Park – is a green oasis where Asians and tourists can relax strolling in the shade of trees, devote themselves to sports or spend a day of pure fun with family.

Here tranquility and serenity reign unchallenged and the chirping of birds is a pleasant background to the various activities: whether it's for a simple walk,for a game of tennis in the company of friends or for a lively day at the mini-golf,this park is the ideal place for those who want to relax and enjoy their free time,staying in the vicinity of the old town.

Inside, the Millepini Park hosts the Tennis Club with 3 clay courts, where fans of the sport meet for friendly challenges with forehands, backhands and volleys.
Here you can also book tennis lessons to learn the basics or improve the playing technique and enjoy a restorative break at the Tennis Bar,open year-round with refreshment service.

For families, the Millepini Park is a small "country of the flakes",with many opportunities to play and entertain children,in a truly evocative context: the mini-golf,with its 12 holes equipped with animated and bright obstacles,involves and enthuses all the family members; The moinths of Monellandia and the jumping area are a real blast for the little ones, who here can have fun slipping and jumping in the company of many new friends; and let's not forget the cars and the train on rail,timeless rides that always exert a great charm on the little ones.

In the winter season, the Regina Brigade Park is then transformed into a cross-country ski slope,with two variants of the route, one easier for newbies and a more challenging one for more experienced skiers.

The Millepini is within walking distance directly from the center of Asiago with an easy walk of a few minutes, otherwise you can climb the Arrow Cimbra,the traditional Train of Asiago that leads to the discovery of the city, starting right from the park.


All the attractions of the Millepini Park

From sports to fun for children and families: a park to live

Parco Millepini

Green area in the center of Asiago,the Millepini Park (or Queen Brigade Park)is located near the Ice Stadium and is a popular destination for Asians and tourists, who here have the opportunity to relax and spend their free time having fun with various activities:

> TENNIS CLUB:At the Millepini Park, sports fans can enjoy playing tennis at the Tennis Club's 3 red clay courts, with the option of renting racquets and balls or booking tennis lessons with Fit master Vito Frigo;

> TENNIS BAR:After a game or a walk in the Millepini Park, the Tennis Bar is the perfect place for a restorative break,where you can enjoy great toast, flatbreads and sandwiches;

> E-BIKE:an E-bike rental serviceis available at the Millepini Park, for those who want to visit the city of Asiago and the whole Plateau without too much effort, riding the pedal bike assisted;

> MONELLANDIA:playground made with inflatable games, Monellandia is the favorite destination of children, who here have fun jumping and sliding in company. The park also has ababy area for children up to 3 years old with inflatable, rubber and plastic games suitable for children;

> JUMPING:a short walk from Monellandia, the jumping area of the Millepini Park is open to everyone,ideal fun for both children and adults;

> MINI-GOLF:With its 12 holes,the MIni-golf of Millepini Park is the perfect attraction to engage the whole family. Young and old here can have fun together trying to make Hole-in-One (hole at the first shot), avoiding the various animated and bright obstacles along the way.

> MACCHINETTE AND TRENINO ON ROTAIA: Inside the Millepini Park, an area with machines and a rail train is dedicated to the fun of the little ones;

> TRENINO ARROW CIMBRA: the traditional Asiago train departs from the Millepini Park for a sightseeing tour to discover the city, passing through the park, the Prisons Museum, the Military Sacrario and the Cathedral of Asiago;

> WORLD SCI PISTA:In winter, the Millepini Park is transformed into a cross-country ski slope,with two variants of the route and the possibility of artificial snowmaking.


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