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Live webcam with views of St. Mark's Square and scaligera Tower in Enego


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Real-time view of St. Mark's Square in Enego from the webcam installed by Asiago.it with the collaboration of the Municipality of Enego,which allows you to admire live the beautiful square of the village with the monument to the fallen of War, the Scaligera Tower and, in the background, the Cathedral of Santa Giustina and the surrounding mountains.

Piazza San Marco,carved in 1875 by the demolition of the castle, and recently renovated, represents, together with Piazza del Popolo, the heart of Enego,a meeting place and a walk for the residents and the many tourists who come up here every year to enjoy the beauties of the Eneghese territory. Concerts, markets, events and outdoorevents take place here.

In St. Mark's Square stands one of the symbols of Enego:the Scaligera Tower,a stone tower about 22 m high and well preserved, from whose top you can admire a majestic panorama that ranges from the Brenta Valley to Mount Grappa. The tower was part of a castle erected in the 14th century by the Scaligeri Veronesi, in particular by Cangrande Della Scala,and is the only survivor of the four original towers.

In the background you can see the Parish Church or Cathedral of St. Justin,erected in People's Square at the turn of the 700s and 1800s on a previous 15th century building. The majesty of the Cathedral is enhanced by theimpressive staircase of about one hundred steps leading to the building. Inside is a precious shovel of Jacopo da Bassano depicting Saint Justin on the throne. The bell tower of the old church is still well preserved, but since 1953 the Parish Church has also been flanked by a new and very high bell tower,whose tip, in bad weather, disappears in the clouds.

Live webcam of Asiago.it in collaboration with the Municipality of Enego

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Comune di Enego

Enego is the easternmost of the municipalities of theAsiago Plateau. The center of the village is about 800 m above sea level, but its municipal territory, with its picturesque and characteristic contrade,extends from the edge of Valsugana,at an altitude of 200 m above, on the right bank of the BrentaRiver, up to the Ortigara massif at an altitude of 2150 m above sea level.

The great charm of the Eneghese territory lies in the variety of its landscapes,the meekness of the climate and the richness of its vegetation,which offers the best of the pre-Alpine flora.

The highlight of this beautiful mountainous area is the enchanting Marcesina Plain:a vast plateau, at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level, with large pastures and majestic spruce forests,a destination for hikers, sportsmen and hikers in both summer and winter.

The Piana di Marcesina in the winter months is called"Finland of Italy"not only because of its record temperatures during the cold season (up to -34 degrees), but also and especially because from the Enego Fund Center of Valmaron there are 200 km of Nordic ski slopes,always perfectly snowy and beaten, that cross exciting places and enchanted landscapes.

The territory of the Municipality of Enego is also dotted with places of historical interest,especially related to the Great War,among which we remember first the Mount Ortigara,sacred mountain to the Fatherland,on whose summit, at 2105 m, is the famous Colonna Mozza,a commemorative stump tothe fallen Italians, erected in 1920 by the National Alpine Association"not to forget"the tragic events of 1916-17.

Among the places of particular interest of the Municipality of Enego linked to the First World War is also the Fort Lisser,a great work of military architecture built between 1911 and 1914 with the aim of controlling the Valsugana and renamed by the war correspondents the "Lion of the Plateau". The fort, recently restored,can be visited freely or with a guide.

Enego, after all, is an ideal destination for holidays in the mountains in the name of relaxation and well-being,during which you can immerse yourself in the unspoiled and lush nature, devote yourself to sports and outdoor activities,as well as the discovery of history.

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Webcam Piazza San Marco Enego

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