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12nd Edition, calcio a 5 Ekkele Tournament in gallium, Asiago plateau

Dal 18/7/2016 al 13/8/2016
Torneo ekkele Gallio

12° 5-a-side football tournament in July to 18 August 13, 2016, Gallium

Gallium is preparing to host the 12 edition of the Tournament Ekkele 5-a-side football, a men's soccer tournament that will involve the 20 participating teams.

From 18 July to August 13, 2016, one of the most popular tournaments ofAsiago plateau will kick off ready to give football show and fun for many participants who will go in the sports facility of patronage.

The final is scheduled Saturday, August 13, 2016. 19.00 p.m. pizza party and live music.

Football, beer and fun are guaranteed.


To subscribe to 12° Torneo Ekkele simply fill out the entry form and REGULATION and deliver them to the coffee Trade in the square to Gallium.


Rules to be read prior to enrollment

  • The entry fee is 150 €.
  • The team will be entered in the tournament only to the total payment of the registration fee
  • Do not allow children under 16 years participation
  • The list must be given full names and surnames; other nicknames or titles are not allowed
  • The player list is editable until the closing date for entries
  • For organizational purposes, the dates of the meetings are immutable any schedule changes must be agreed with management and with the teams involved
  • The management reserves the right to change the times of the meetings if deemed appropriate by alerting some time earlier teams involved
  • Captain/Coordinator assumes responsibility to examine federal regulation 5-a-side football players
  • The organization is opposed to using soccer shoes with cleats; However, if the teams present on the pitch I agree, players can also use this type of shoes. Caution: If the opposing team is not in agreement, the player (s) must wear soccer shoes to 5 or from gymnastics, under penalty of exclusion from the meeting. We recommend that you always have a couple of 5 soccer shoes or sneakers
  • Each player assumes the obligation to assess their physical condition before you enter the tournament and assumes full responsibility for risks to health arising from participation in tenders
  • The organization is exempt from any responsibility for damages to people and/or things of any nature and extent
  • Captain/Coordinator of the team assumes the obligation to inspect and/or deliver a copy of the rules above to all team members
All rights reserved.

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