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15th scholarship AMELIA and NINO SANDRI December 20, 2014 Canove di Roana

Saturday 20/12/2014 at 16:00

Borsa di Studio Amelia e Nino Sandri

the Comune di Roana announces a competition for awarding 8 scholarships reserved for particularly meritorious students of primary schools, 1 secondary and secondary degree 2 degree in Roan municipality referred to the school year immediately preceding the competition.

The award ceremony will take place on Saturday 20 December 2014 to 16.00 hours at the Council Chamber of the Town Hall in Canove. Winners will be notified by letter and will be required to attend personally.

Cash prizes will be as follows:

2 scholarships of € 220.00 each to be awarded, one for each school, primary schools Canove and Roana, regardless of class. The names of the students (class) with the best profit will be reported directly by the Institute.

3 scholarships from € 180,00 one reserved for secondary schools by 1 degree. A to give the best secondary school student 1 degree of Cesuna, one for best secondary school student 1 degree of Mittewald and assign to another deserving student, though not a haunting school located in Roan municipality. Can contribute to the award students irrespective of frequency class. The names of the students with the best profit (two for each school and with an indication of the address) will be reported directly by the Institute. For students of the third class will admission test scoreboard.

3 scholarships from $ 200.00 each to be awarded to students attending secondary schools 2° degree, with the award of a scholarship for Professional institutes, one for the technical colleges and one for the high schools. It is an appropriate form for requests that, with attached photocopy of the report card, must be submitted to the municipality of Roana directly by the persons concerned with specifying the full address of the student's phone number: If the student is a minor, you must write the full details of the parent or guardian. You may request this form at the municipal tourism office or the tourist chalet Treschè Laver also by mail, or download it from the website.

For graduate students will be referred to the average for admission exams. Can access the selection for the award of the scholarship only students who show an average with profit equal to or higher than 8/10. Specifies that will also mean the votes relating to physical education and conduct, while the verdict will not related to religion.

The amount of scholarships assigned can be split at the discretion of the Administration in the case of merit ex equo. Notifications and requests should be addressed to the Secretariat of the competition: Ufficio Cultura-Comune di Roana-via Milano, 32 36010 Canove tel. fax 0424692019 0424692212

Deadline for submission of the reports referred to.S. 2013/14 is Friday, November 21, 2014; will faith the stamp of the Office of Protocol. The certificates must be received at the Common Protocol not later than the expiration date: the ratings received by mail will have to report on a postmark date of arrival no later than 11/20/2014. For primary and secondary schools of first instance recommendations must be communicated by the Headmaster. Questions raised are not accepted directly from a parent or guardian for primary school students (Elementary) and secondary schools of first grade (middle school).


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