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Pellegrinaggio dei bersaglieri a Cima Valbella
Photo by Denis Lunardi

On Sunday, August 25, 2024, the traditional Crimson Pilgrimage of the Bersaglieri will take place on the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities to Cima Valbella, to the memorial stones of the First World War.

National Bersaglieri Association

The Associazione Nazionale Bersaglieri (ANB) is an Italian organization, founded in 1886, that is dedicated to keeping alive the traditions and spirit of the Bersaglieri Corps, a military unit of the Italian Army famous for its speed and agility. 
Over the years, the association has expanded its range of action to include cultural, social and sporting activities

Through its activities, the association seeks to strengthen the sense of community and national identity.

The association is structured in local sections, present throughout the country and abroad  (to date there are over 750 of which 20 are established abroad), which organize events, ceremonies and meetings to maintain the link between members and with the community. The ANB is led by a National President, supported by a Board of Directors.

The bersaglieri are known for their distinctive hats with capercaillie feathers and for the fanfare, made up of trumpeters who play as they run. These symbols and traditions are an integral part of the ANB's activities and are promoted during all events.

In summary, the National Bersaglieri Association represents a point of reference for veterans and enthusiasts of the Bersaglieri Corps, contributing to the preservation and dissemination of their glorious traditions.

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