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1915-2015 a hundred years ago the great war, Asiago Concert in St. Matthew's Cathedral

Saturday 18/4/2015 at 21:00

Cento anni fa la grande guerra coro asiago altopiano1915-2015 a hundred years ago the great war, a concert of folk songs and war, Asiago, St. Matthew Cathedral Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday, April 18 the Duomo San Matteo di Asiago will host a much-anticipated event for the meaning and weight bearing: 1915-2015 a hundred years ago the great war, a concert of folk songs and war with the Asiago Choir.

The concert, which will begin at 21.00, will be entirely recorded by TVA Vicenza and is sung in memory of the great war that this year celebrates 100 years, an appointment that theAsiago plateau is preparing to live in first person as was the protagonist of historical battles, with so many stories to tell.

The entrance will be free.  An important event that allows you to understand the value of the soldiers in the great war through their songs and their choirs. Dedicated to all, children and teens to enjoy some history and adults not to forget and maybe find some old friend.


The Asiago Choir consists of elements that originate from various locations of theAltopiano di Asiago; This allowed him to grow numerically and technically, assuming a dimension never before known socio. The choir undertakes an annual intensive activity, claiming about 20 concerts a year abroad, participating in numerous festivals and important events that take place outside of our region. Tradition, rediscovery of roots, new musical experiences: is on these lines that the Asiago Choir today is moving, conscious of its role within the social and cultural context of theAsiago plateau.

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