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1917: Ortigara Calvary degli Alpini Teatro Stefano Paiusco, Asiago Saturday July

Saturday 7/7/2012

Teatro "Ortigara 1917: il Calvario degli Alpini" Stefano Paiusco Asiago

1917: " Ortigara Calvary degli Alpini " Teatro Stefano Paiusco, Asiago Saturday July 7, 2012

Saturday, July 7, 2012, at the Cinema Jiminy cricket to Asiago, held the theatrical "Ortigara 1917: Calvary degli Alpini".

It is, in particular, a monologue play with Stephen Paiusco and the participation of the Choir ANA s. Maurizio of Vigasio (VR).

Play by Macedo and Stefano Paiusco. Audio-video-project lights Cristian Lavagnoli.

The show will begin at 20:30 hours.

As mentioned above, also the choir will A.N.A. San Maurizio-directed by Maestro Claudio Bernardi -who will accompany the recitation with the most beautiful songs of the ' era.


Stephen Paiusco was born in Verona in 1962.

' and active in theater since 1978. Actor, author and film and theatre director. And '.

By ' the beginning of his career until the early 1990s working at compagnie " turn ", which brings on stage the classics of Italian and foreign theatre.

Also cooperates with Ave Ninchi, Virgilio Zernitz, Raoul Bova, Alfredo Bianchini, Carlo Bagno, Franco Difrancescantonio, Giuseppe Maffioli and many other protagonists of Italian theatre.

With their crush some of the most important stages d ' Italy: dal Teatro Goldoni of Venice to Romolo Valli di Reggio Emilia, Teatro Grande in Brescia at ' Auditorium s. Chiara of Trento, the Teatro Delle Erbe of Milan at the Teatro Romano in Verona.

In 1994 he began his career as an actor, monologhista, staged the opera ' Gaber and Luporini: " Gray ".

In 2004, together with the musician and singer Giulio D ' Lamb, staged theatre show Song " If there was ...Gaber ".

Since 1997 began a civil Theatre, always as an actor monologhista or as he likes to define, " cuntastorie ".

Of great importance is the project born with Macedo and Daniele Biacchessi, Milanese writers, on the transmission of memory through the evocative theatre.

Fonda with them and with Rossella ', Cross Cultural Association " The circle of Philosophers Ignorant ". Writes and produces a series of events that lead him to act not only in theatres, but also in the squares, in the streets, in schools, in universities and in cultural circles.

To remember his participation in a major event in Milan in 2002 against the war in Iraq which saw as protagonists also Moni Ovadia, Paolo Rossi, Vinicio Capossela.

And then in 2003, in Milan, the evening dedicated to the victims of the massacre of Piazza Fontana, Pietro Valpreda and Pino Pinelli, where recitation together with Marco Paolini.

At the end of 2003 writes and brings on stage together with ' " ' orchestra strings violins of Santa Vittoria " monologue " Il paese dei cento violins ".

Stephen Paiusco as currently many plays and monologues.

All rights reserved.

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