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2016 in Asiago Ice Hockey World Championships Senior women, IIHF

Dal 4/4/2016 al 10/4/2016
Italia mondiali iihf 2016 asiago

2016 Senior World Championships Ice Hockey first League-women's Group B, IIHF, Asiago plateau to PalaOdegar

The Annual Conference 2015 the IIHF has awarded allocations of the World Championships for the upcoming season. With great satisfaction, all' Italy and Asiago in particular have been assigned well two Rainbow events.

From 4 to 10 October 2016 toOdegar di Asiago will be competing for the 2016 World Championships Senior women Division 1-Group b.

The women's World Cup, to be held from April 4 to 10, are going: Latvia, the Netherlands, China, Hungary, Kazakhstan and Italy.

Hockey fans can cheer the girls of our national team to push them to victory.

Thanks to the Organization and the stubbornness of Asiago, the IIHF and FISG were allocated for the eighth time in the world to Asiago, symbol of a great spirit of cooperation as well as vaunt sportsman throughout the plateau.

All World Cup games will have entrance gratuit o.

[Photo by Paul Bass]


Goalkeepers: Eugenia Pompanin and Daniela Klotz
Defenders: Elena Ballardini, Valentina Bettarini, Nadia Mattivi, Federica Galtieri, Anneke Obi, Valentina Rich, Franziska Stocker and Nadine Burns.
Forwards: Sreedhar Babu, Anita Muraro, My Silvia Carignano, Eleonora Bagatin, Field D, Anna De La Forest, Hanna Elliscasis, Chelsea Furlani, Samantha Gius, Beatrix Larger, Carola Saletta and Federica Zandegiacomo


Monday 4 APRIL 2016Mondiali femminili hockey asiago 2016

13.30 hours Kazakhstan-Latvia
hours 17.00 Hungary-Netherlands
hours 20.30 Italy-China

Tuesday 5 APRIL 2016

13.30 hours Latvia-Hungary
hours 17.00 China-Kazakhstan
hours 20.30 Netherlands-Italy

Wednesday 6 APRIL 2016: rest day

Thursday, 7 APRIL 2016

hours 13.30 Netherlands-China
hours 17.00 Kazakhstan-Hungary
hours 20.30 Latvia-Italy

Friday 8 APRIL 2016

13.30 hours Holland-Kazakhstan
hours 17.00 China-Latvia
hours 20.30 Hungary-Italy

SATURDAY 9 APRIL 2016: rest day


13.30 hours China-Hungary
hours 17.00 Latvia-Netherlands
hours 20.30 Italy-Kazakhstan


Starts tomorrow the world Senior women Division 1, group b. Will China the first opponent of the Italian national team, meeting at 20.30 at the palaghiaccio of Asiago to see blue ct Liberator

The first world champion, who will follow the men's Under-18 to April 18 from 24, is ready to go. After the press conference for the Italian team it's time to get off the ice, leaving the theory to go to practice. The Italy's first opponent will be China, coached by Canadian engineer Edward Seeley.

"We have addressed the Chinese last year in Beijing --these are the words of the ct Marco liberator, for eight years at the helm of the Italian national women-. The race, conditioned by an arbitrage to forget, ended 4-3 in favour of opponents, although in reality we had dominated us. China is a respectable team, must not be underestimated; has its strength in the experience of 5/6 players who played in Top Division and participated in the Olympics. It is also a fast group and tested, to beat them we will have to give my best. "

But also the azure, as Fellowship, don't mess around. Is well aware of the striker and Captain 1993 Carola class room that, on the eve of the world, said: "what sets us apart is the fact that it is a beautiful group, whose core is training with Bolzano (ndr with the Eagles, the seventh consecutive championship fresh). The goal of this World Cup is going to medal, of any metal it is; We cannot aim only to salvation, as happened last year in China. We must think bigger before the public man".

Besides this year Italy will have an additional weapon: American naturalized Italian Player, Chelsea Furlani November 2015. The Italian team, placed in the first division, Group B, will debut then Odegar tomorrow night at 20.30 against China. In the following days, always at the same time, the azzurre will face Holland, Latvia, Hungary and Kazakhstan. All World Cup games will have free admission.

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