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61 Festival of Cyclamen in Fontanelle di Conco, 12 August 15, 2012

Dal 12/8/2012 al 15/8/2012

Festa del Ciclamino 201261° Festival of Cyclamen in Fontanelle di Conco, 12-August 15, 2012

The village of Fontanelle, just 5 kilometres from Conco, Asiago plateau, also organizes the annual ' Festival of Cyclamen, feast which peaked at 61° th Edition.

As usual, this event will be held the second week in August, and more specifically from Sunday to Wednesday 12 August 15, 2012.

It is an event full of entertainment and live music, not to mention the food stand that stands for dishes like bigoli all ' and duck meat cooked on a spit as the bull and boar.

This Festival is organized by friends of Fontanelle in collaboration with the ' municipal administration and Proloco.


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Sunday August 12, 2012

14.30 hours "9° Motogiro of Cyclamen"

Hours 17.00 Band "Attilio Muhammed" of Fontanelle

H 18.30 Opening food stand with spit-cinchiale

21.30 hours Vocesfera Cover Band

Tribute to 22.30 hours Pitura Freska with PITURA STAIL col ghest de FURIO
with P.F. Pegoraro service


Monday, August 13, 2012

14.00 hours Tresette Tournament

H 18.30 Opening food stand with spit-roast pork specialties

With P.F. Pegoraro service


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Feast of the elderly ' del comune di Conco
11 a.m. Mass

12.30 p.m. Lunch with elderly people around the town.

Hours 14.30 Gruppo Folkloristico "MONDINE"

During this day will collaborate over all ' Associazione Amici di Fontanelle Alpine group of Fontanelle, Donatori di Sangue di Fontanelle and the Crel economic Auser of Conco.

H 18.30 Opening food stand with spit-cooked specialties toro wood

Hours 21.00 Orchestra show ROBERTO POLIČNIK


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mid-August lunch 12.30 hrs

14.00 hours popular games for kids

14.30 hours Tournament Soccer Balilla

H 18.30 Opening food stand with grilled meat specialities

Hours 21.00 Orchestra show Marco and the Clan

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