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7 to food at the table with the dandelion of Conco, from April 20 to May 5, 2012

Dal 20/4/2012 al 5/5/2012

A tavola con il tarassaco di Conco7° to " food at the table with the dandelion of Conco ", from April 20 to May 5, 2012, Conco

The Group Restaurateurs Conco, on Friday, 20 April to Saturday, May 5, 2012, offers the 7° Edition of food and "at the table with the dandelion of Conco".

The ' event, organized as usual in collaboration with Confcommercio di Vicenza and promoted by the Municipality of Conco, pays tribute to the dandelion, flower spontaneous from many healing properties that got in 2011 the designation.

The dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) returns table undisputed during the exhibition born in Conco and come already at 7° Edition; This natural product is re-released with new combinations for an exciting dining experience.

The right combination with whites and light bubbles for desserts, mousse of dandelion, the exultation of fragrances yet ' of prato and lightness, as well as the cookies to the dandelion, delicious as the end of the meal to accompany a coffee maybe corrected with vintage grappa.

The restaurateurs of Conco, municipality 'Altopiano di Asiago, for several years, you are bound to offer to all those who appreciate culture and especially the kitchen of this territory a variety of proposals throughout the arc of ' ' year.

Symbol of spring but also precious for quality, size, sweetness and tenderness are not matched by plants of lowland dandelion of Conco, grows in the meadows to more than 800 m above sea level and enjoys a climate that gives him a bouquet of scents and a consistency that makes it suitable for any scale: from appetizers that can be served alone marinatedtogether with prawns, fruit or vegetables, the first in which is exalted in risotto but also in pasta dishes, seconds determined meat and fish dishes and desserts in which bitter note final surprises and conquers.

Opens Friday April 20 review by Maino Restaurant where the dandelion will be presented in many variants: Pizza bianca at " ", dandelion puff pastry Shell stuffed with dandelion sauce, veal Shoulder baked in sauce, dandelion, dandelion the cantucci.

Friday 27 April the appointment is at ' Restaurant Rubens Stube Fest in which the menu of Cupcakes with polenta and sour marinated dandelion, dandelion with mousse and asiago speck, Gnocchi with butter to dandelion d ' hut, Descendant and smoked ricotta, dandelion fritters, assorted cookies to dandelion.

Continue Saturday 5 May to Trattoria al Tornante where we will have the opportunity to taste vol-au-vent to Dandelion and sweetness of Asiago, Risotto with Dandelion and Descendant, the dandelion and ricotta Crepe with eggnog sauce, baked Quail stuffed with dandelion.

Furthermore, throughout the period of some of ' Altopiano di Asiago offer Tasting Menu made from Dandelion.

Prices still in definition, usually range from 30 to 45 euros and beverages including wine.


Friday, 20 April-gala
Sunday 22 April-gala dinner
Ristorante Pizzeria Bar sandwich shop by Maino
Via Cappellari, 12-Conco
CLOSING TURN MONDAY-Tel. 0424 704023

Friday, 27 April-gala
Sunday 29 April-gala dinner
Restaurant Rubens Stube Fest
Contrà Rossi, 10-Rubbio of Conco
closing turn TUESDAY '-Tel. 0424 709012

Saturday 5 May-gala
Trattoria al Tornante
Contrà Stringari, 23-Conco
closing turn MONDAY '-Tel. 0424 700069


Restaurant la Bocchetta
Via Bocchetta Conco-6,
Tel and Fax: 0424/700024 & mdash; 704117
low season-closing round MONDAY and TUESDAY ' '

Restaurant da Riccardo At Maddarello
The Dandelion of Conco conquest Asiago
Via Val Maddarello, 88-ASIAGO
closing turn MONDAY and TUESDAY winter ' '-Tel. 0424 462154

Mini Bar Restaurant
The Dandelion of Conco conquest Asiago
Via Kaberlaba ASIAGO-41,
closing turn TUESDAY '-Tel. 0424 463156

Pastry Cortese
Piazza San Marco, 24-Conco
closing turn TUESDAY '-tel. 700029-0424 fax 0424 420010
Production of biscuits to dandelion

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