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7th Meeting of the Mythical FIAT 500 with arrival in Enego, Asiago Plateau

Sunday 25/5/2014 at 08:00

7º Raduno della Mitica FIAT 5007th meeting of the Legendary FIAT 500, May 25, 2014 with arrival in Enego, Asiago plateau

Sunday 25 may 2014 departing from London and arriving at Enego, Asiago plateau held the 7th Edition of the legendary FIAT 500 Rally.

The Meeting will be resumed from the cameras of the program or white or black Multimedia Workshop aired Mondays at 20.00 hours on Channel 159 Italy and you will find a Special Gathering on People Mag.

FIAT 500 Rally program

Hours 8.00 Am in Piazza Umberto 1 to Fontaniva (PD) for registration and delivery gadgets
9.30 A.m. departure for the tour along the scenic Brenta Right
11.30 Hours guided tour of the caves at Valstagna and snack lunches tribute-via Valstagna below 85, Valstagna (VI)
13.30 Hours lunch at Bavarian Restaurant Pizzeria Cornale – via Piovega 7 – under Enego (VI)
16.30 Hours Awards

Info: registration and reservations

E-vent 2711969 392 | Tel./Fax 049 5940876 | Email info@e-vent.biz

Participation fee

€ 15,00 Car entry, gadget, visit caves at Valstagna and snack lunches
€ 20,00 Lunch (per person)

Reservations required by 5/20/2014


Vehicles must be in compliance with the applicable standards of the highway code, and badged, registered, serviced and insured-For the very fact of his registration, the driver says for itself and its passengers to believe organizers raised from civil and criminal liability for any incumbent himself, its passengers, to third parties and to the things of others. States also raise the organizers from any liability connected with the conduct of the event. -It is recommended that the utmost civility in the Guide since the ways forward.

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