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An IDIOT for Mr Theatre Summer 2014 Millepini di Asiago, 21 August

Thursday 21/8/2014 at 21:00
Un cretino per l'onorevole della compagnia Gli insoliti Noti

Show an IDIOT for Mr of The unusual Summer Theater Festival Known 2014 Millepini di Asiago, 21 August

Thursday, 21 August 2014 to 21.00 hours at the Teatro Millepini of Asiago, and within the theatrical review at Teatro Summer 2014, will stage the play an idiot for the Honorable of The unusual Suspects.

An idiot for Mr

Brilliant comedy about the degradation of politics: Pignon -inspired whimsical character Francois Pignon comedies by Francis Veber – has patented what for him would be the idea of the century: a vending machine of dog panties disposable. I do, now?The is a politician. Pignon goes fromMr Vernier to propose thepurchase of patent rights, and here it remains embroiled in a series of surreal situations that only Mr Office could occur.

A comedy to laugh and reflect on who represents us and, consequently, also on us.

The unusual Suspects

Our project was born in 1998 from an investigation aimed at bringing the school to the theatre and its applications to teaching, commitment that the group still pursues in collaboration with theRegional School Office of Veneto.

With the first name of Experimental Theatre School, we realized the strange death of Lord Breakballs. The debut of The Known Unusual happened in 2000 with a brilliant text that would to the musical world of the Internet and virtual meetings.

In 2001 with the autumn summer crime came back wanting to do with the atmosphere of the thriller, which had marked our debut. The 2003 marked the passage to maturity with The Dinner of Idiots of f. Veber, which got unanimous approval by audiences and critics. It tells the hobby of a wealthy publisher who enjoys jerks talking trash, but that becomes a victim of his own cynicism.

The lucky association with Veber continued with the Bore, a would-be suicide, depressed and a little idiot accidentally ended up in a hotel room with a killer. The show is fun, but it also makes you think aboutindifference, loneliness, friendship and the meaning of life which is also found in the mediocrity of daily a loser.


From 3 to 21 August 2014 at the Palazzo del Turismo Millepini of Asiago to 21.00 hours will take place the Summer theatrical review at Teatro 2014.



Adult € 10,00-€ 8,00 Reduced Subscription -€ 25,00

The reduction lies with students, to over 65 and card holders 2013-2014 Season


IAT in Piazza Carli

Tel. 0424 462221

All rights reserved.

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