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ANDREA VITALI has four slaps blessed APERITIF with AUTHOR Asiago 4/8

Monday 4/8/2014 at 17:30
Libro di Quattro sberle benedette di Andrea Vitali

Literary meetings in Asiago Aperitif with author: the August 4 Life Andrea presents his book Four slaps blessed in collaboration with the library reached the point

Monday, 4 August 2014 at the Center stage of Asiago to 17.30 hours will take place the presentation of the book by Andrea Vitali entitled Four blessed slaps, one anonymous complaint reveals one shameful scandal; It requires an inquiry discreet and very, very cautious.

From 17 July to 30 August in Asiago will hold a series of events titled literary aperitif with the author, in which the authors will present his book going to reveal the backstory and curiosity.

The exhibition is organized by the library reached the point which is going on IV Novembre 63 in Asiago.

Four blessed Andrea Vitali's slaps

At the end of October of 1929, lashed by the wind and a pesky and persistent drizzle, at Bellano Nothing happens to that. But if they could, between the contrade slaps fly, all right. The print to the carabinieri Marshal Ernest Maccadò on the face of all those who believe in fortune tellers and vaticinano on the sex of his eldest son in arriving, increasing the torment instead of dissolving theenigma, because one predicts one thing and the other the opposite.

If you give each other and santa reason, the Brigadier Efisio Mannu, sardo, and pinned Misdeeds, siciliano, who cannot endure. And maybe there are those who, although with due respect, do at least one mollerebbe to the young don Sixto Secchia, the coadjutor of malmostoso Pastor arrived in the country the year before and that looks like an open-sea fish forced to narrow the water gasping and tasteless of the Lake.

And then there are slaps more metaphorical, but no less sound, arriving at the barracks in black and white. Are the ones that someone decided to put into rhyme and sent anonymously to police, perhaps for them to investigate the fact that dating girls of easy virtue, in Lecco, is person that strictly speaking shouldn't. Agree, but what would the crime? And who is the author of those rhymes that don't seem to make sense? But, above all, accurate, with chi ce l'ha?Poking his nose between the quarrels and the secrets of her Bellano extremely real and imaginary at the same time, Four slaps blessed Andrea Vitali prepares another delicious literary feast, confirming a prolific author ofbulls, and inventions like a few others, to the delight and enjoyment of the reader.

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