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animal Tales La Piccionaia, Mauro Corona e Mario Rigoni Stern, Conco Saturday

Saturday 21/7/2012

Racconti di animali, Mauro Corona e Mario Rigoni Stern

animal Tales " " La Piccionaia, Mauro Corona e Mario Rigoni Stern, Conco Saturday July 21, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012, in the locality of Biancoia in Conco, held the theatrical "animal Stories" a cura della compagniaLa Piccionaia" ".

The texts used are by Mauro Corona and Mario Rigoni Stern.

The event will begin at ' hours 17:00; in case of bad weather the event will be produced at the marquee of the sports field.



with Armando Carrara

from texts by Mario Rigoni Stern and Mauro Corona

the ' literary work is published by Giulio Einaudi Publishers

" them, the animals, the earthly paradise didn ' have never lost. We're losing them. "

Building on the success of the show, Armando Carrara TREES this time we "forced" to reflect, talking about the relationship between men and animals, all of those tracks that from ancient times lead to contemporary man, with all its weaknesses, feelings and fears.

The dramaturgy is based mainly on two stories now celebrated masters of life such as Mario Rigoni Stern and the increasingly followed and "chased" Mauro Corona.

ANIMALS want to propose also to unveil to the public an intuition, revelation of totemic animals of two writers: it is known that Mario Rigoni Stern argues that larch is "his" tree, while Mauro Corona considers itself a hornbeam.

Less noticeable is seize what are totemic animals of the two authors. The stories selected for this purpose will be: foxes, hares, the OWL (from the recorded voice of the same Crown), the donkey Giorgia, Martens.

Through dramatized reading it will understand who or what is behind these animals: we come to unveil how Mario Rigoni Stern lies in the stories of the Hare and the donkey Giorgia and Mauro Corona hides in La Fox, the OWL and the marten.

To act as a hinge and the other story, inserting songs and poems: from the biblical Flood to the poem of Trilussa and Pirandello. considerations on the consequences of climate change to reflections on the relationship between humans and animals.

You will understand that the animal is in us much more than we think and that often tells us even though we are completely unaware.

So each time caressing an animal, that tell a story, which we recognize in an attitude or a gesture, or even invent it is as if to say: "dude, bring us home! Report on our tracks! "

The animal is still always a question and an answer, our first and later, where we come from and where we are going.

And respect for him is nothing but respect for ourselves and for our future. French musician, Miranda Cortes nears the young to study the texts by Mario Rigoni Stern are published by Giulio Einaudi editore.

All rights reserved.

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