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APERITIVO IN MUSICA with Rajendran to laver, Treschè August 13, 2014

Wednesday 13/8/2014 at 17:30
Cantante ELVEA

APERITIVO IN MUSICA with Rajendran Treschè basin, in the Asiago plateau, the August 13, 2014

Wednesday, August 13 at 2014 hours 17.30 at the terrace of theHotel Miravalle in Treschè Basin, Asiago plateau, one of the summer festival of music in Aperitif.

The 13 agostor tap to Rajendran with his extraordinary voice delight.


From early childhood, thanks primarily to the influence of parents, Rajendran is passionate about the music, starting to study at the age of 6 years the concert flute.

Is called to sing at various events to Padua and Vicenza where he immediately fell in love with its black sounds and vocal skills very developed compared to his young age.

In 2010 recorded the song "When you tell me to lie with the band Devotion featured on the second album of the latter, Venus.

In March 2011 born Rajendran Soul Quartet, a band formed by Rajendran and three other musicians very active in the music scene, Alan Baker (bass), Christian Baron (guitar) and James Furiassi (drums).

Currently teaches singing between Mestre and Venice, follows some emerging projects and performs with guitarist Christian Baron in duo (Soul goes acoustic) weekly in North Italy.

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