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Arditi on Grappa: the war told by Roger Dal Molin, 31 July

Wednesday 31/7/2013 at 20:45

Arditi sul Grappa: le imprese dei nostri gloriosi reparti d'assalto, a cura di Ruggero Dal MolinArditi on Grappa: enterprises of our glorious assault units, a cura di Ruggero Dal Molin; the July 31 Gallium

Wednesday, July 31 at theAuditorium di Gallio at 20.45 hours Roger Dal Molin will present, in the context of events Towards the centenary, the businesses of our glorious assault units in Grappa through the exciting pages of their protagonist.

The evening evokes through'sautobiographical encrypt and vintage images the story of a young officer of the Arditi, Hermes Aurelio Rosa, who fought on the battlefield of monte Grappa. The screen will also display vintage images, taken fromArchive Dal Molin, and pictures from the private collection of the Rose family that, thanks to its evocative strength, make it more vivid and exciting the story of past events.


Get on Grappa in critical moments of the late 1917 and early 1918 knowing you have a few chances to come back and live the war also with the enchanted eyes of a boy of ' 99, bold by choice, is anAdventure worth telling and a reading by not losing.

In narration and extensive photographic documentation of the book Nothing transpires climate'sheroic of those times: war live in every moment of the passage of time with the awareness that we must fight without mercy if you want to Save Italy.

And the diary of Hermes accompanies the reader in facts of arms more fierce and glorious, which gave a twist to the great war, with the ease of someone who does not realize the extreme sacrifice when faced with extreme enterprises. A beautiful volume, engrossing and full of humanity that makes me want to go back on Grappa.

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