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Asiago Hockey vs Val Pusteria Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday 20/9/2012 at 20:30

Partita Hockey AsiagoAsiago Hockey game-Val Pusteria Thursday, September 20, 2012 Stadium Hodegart Pala di Asiago

Returns the Italian Championship of Ice Hockey.

Thursday, September 20, 2012, at 20.30 hours, Supermarkets Migross Asiago (Asiago Hockey Club) will play in the match against Val Pusteria, as provided for in the Italian Championship calendar 2012/2013 Hockey.

L ' Asiago Hockey played their home games at the ice rink Shovel Asiago Hodegart.

The 79° Serie A starts then the September 20, 2012 and will end by April 6, 2013.

The Italian Ice Hockey League said that the tournament will be divided into three phases: the regular season, master/relegation round play off/play out.

No meeting may end in a draw, and in the case of balance at the end of the sixty-minute regulations you will continue with overtime and possibly penalty kicks.

The Supermarkets Migross Asiago was champion d ' Italy in season 2009/2010 and 2010/2011, while in ' last season, stopped at the quarterfinals against the formation of the Val Pusteria.

The Asiago Hockey team has always been passionate about and turn the hearts of the fans, and not just the plateau's towns, and its games are every time a ' waiting for big show. Don't miss then all meeting ' Asiago-Val Pusteria!


The ticket prices for the 2012/2013 season are as follows:

Full ticket: Euro 12.00

Reduced ticket: Euro: 10.00 (Guys with less than 14 years and other eligible persons)

With these cards you can occupy any seat except those reserved and marked by ' adhesive "Confidential Subscriber" or "reserved host".

In the period of the Christmas holidays will be sold with numbered seats fees.



Covers are available for the following types of subscription:

GOLD Subscription: ensures the fixed seat and numbered in a choice of blue or yellow at all home games of the ' Asiago Hockey 1935 (friendly pre-season, regular season, masters round and playoffs).

In addition, the GOLD Membership allows the ' access to Vip lounge during the intervals of the home games.

SILVER Subscription: provides fixed seating numbered and chosen by Subscriber in yellow at the home games of the ' Asiago Hockey 1935 (friendly pre-season, regular season and master round).

The SILVER subscription does not include play-off matches; the owner of the subscription shall have the right of first refusal on their place for the play-off matches and the reduced price.

BRONZE Membership: provides the ' access to the stadium; not entitled to reserved seating (unreserved seat); its owner can occupy any free seat yellow and Red sectors (excluding "seats Reserved guest" and "private Subscriber") during the home games of the ' Asiago Hockey 1935 (friendly pre-season, regular season and master round)

BRONZE membership does not include play-off matches; the owner of the subscription shall be entitled to purchase paly-off tickets at reduced prices.

During the season, the ' Asiago Hockey 1935 reserves the right to sell tickets for numbered seats; in this case, the BRONZE subscription will only access to red sector (not numbered).

Subscription GOLD Whole € 500

SILVER subscription Whole € 250 Reduced € 200

BRONZE membership $ 180 Reduced Whole $ 150


Asiago Hockey members: members of the 1935 Asiago Hockey 1935 can buy up to two tickets at a reduced price.

Ex: subscribers are entitled to reduced tariff subscribers to season 2011/12 (ex-subscribers) with right of first refusal on their seats.

Bring a friend to ' Odegar: reduced subscription to those presented by an old Subscriber. Each Subscriber can submit old up to three new friends.

Family: reduced subscription for a household consisting of a minimum of three people over the age of 18 living with them.

Over 100 Km: reduced subscription reserved for those who reach the Stadium from his residence to attend the meetings of the ' Asiago Hockey altogether between 1935 runs round-trip distance of at least 100 Miles.

Students: special subscription for just $ 60.00 reserved for high school students and above. The ' subscription grants access to areas not numbered (excluding playoffs).


Boys and girls under 11 l is allowed free admission ' Stadium in fields not numbered (excluding playoffs).

Note: all applicants at the time of subscription, they must provide a photo ID to be applied on ' only for subscription and subscription conditions (family and Over 100 Miles), certificate of family or residence.

The options are not cumulable.


All rights reserved.

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