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Asiago Observatory meetings, the colors of the stars April 4, 2015

Saturday 4/4/2015 at 18:00

Saturday, 4 April, and Astronomy enthusiasts, can enjoy a lesson dedicated to theOsservatorio Astronomico di Asiago in Pennarresort, which will host a meeting to observe the behavior of stars: how do astronomers to derive information on the stars through their colors?


18.00 hours: Workshop "the colors of the stars"
The laboratory makes it possible to understand the study of stars through the Rainbow of lights, which mimic the same number of stars. Participants will be provided with special goggles to Rainbow vision of any light source, excluding Sun.

Visit to Galileo telescope, the telescope Asiagotown, opened in 1942 and again
In case of clear sky, observation of Venus, between the lights of sunset, with the telescope in the Hall.

Entrance(ticket + goggles): 9.00 euro (reduced from 7.00 6 to 12 years).

Hours 21.00: evening dedicated to the international space station: a scientific lab that runs through our skies several times a day, about 400 km altitude. In case of clear skies, you can admire its passage to the naked eye, to 22.20.

Remote observation with the Schmidt telescope at cima Ekar. Visit to Galileo telescope, the telescope ofthe Asiago plateau.

Entrance fee: EUR 7.00 (5.00 reduced from 6 to 12 years).

Info and reservations required at the Office IAT of P.zza Carli.

All rights reserved.

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