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Barefoot-The Tribunal Reason and instinct, bear process Gené, Canove 6/12

Saturday 6/12/2014 at 17:00
Locandina tribunale scalzo, Genè processo all'orso


Barefoot Court reluctantly announces that for sudden unavailability of Judge David Nelson Salvarani bear Gené process which was to be held on December 6, 2014 at 17 at the Council Hall of the municipality of Roana in Canove (Vi) has been postponed to a later date. Follow updates on the new date.

Saturday 6 December 2014 from 17.00 hours at the Council Hall of the Municipality of Roana in Canove, as part of the second edition of the Festival of the imaginary 2014-Kamparube Underground, theAssociazione Culturale Containers will stage the Court Barefoot-reason and instinct— a process with prosecutors, lawyers and judge, he sees as defendant Gené, thebear that throughout the summer has injured and killed the animals that grazed around the huts of theAsiago plateau.

Although it is a process conducted with a cultural and symbolic approach, the representation will follow the judicial process from preliminary investigations and will see the participation of the legalLawyer Marco Paggi di Padova, the PM Marco Antonio Dal Ben di Vicenza and Judge David Nelson Salvarani di Veneziaand the State Forestry Corps andas technical consultant, the Dr. Daniele Zovi. Giancarlo Ferron in the arduous task of impersonating the accused, thebear Gené.

The Show also, thanks to the wide visibility had on different media not only from Gene, but also from Daniza, by Dino, from M11 and DJ3 and from other bears that have caused damage to humans, has aroused the interest of various national newspapers such as Corriere della Sera, il Giornale, il Gazzettino and television programs like Geo & Geo, signal that it is a passionate issue nationwide and not limited to the areas affected by the phenomenon.

The idea started taking cues from how it was in the middle ages, a period in which the processes of animals were taken very seriously, so much so that the beast charged with some crime was conducted in Courtaccompanied by a lawyer, and could be acquitted or condemned. The so-called Brutal Processes were in all respects identical to human ones; There was the arrestwarrant, the prison budget, translation into judgement, examination of evidence and the indictment.

The goal of the President of theAssociation of Containers, Linda Gil Carli, you reflect so barefoot, or with simplicity and clarity, on the opposition between civilization and nature, between reason and instinct, between those who argue that the bear be killed or captured , and those who advocate animal rights , arguing that it has the right to act according to their innate nature.

Gené, as a symbol of his species and nature that distinguishes, is the embodiment of the 18th-century myth of the noble savage, which is of great creature, innocent and peaceful living in harmony with nature, but that clashes with the corrupt society and progress. He is opposed to man, which, with its ruthless logic devoted to the exploitation of natural resources and purely economic enrichment, does not understand or maybe doesn't remember what it means to live according to instinct. The debate wants to find a meeting point between the interests of thebear and those ofmen, taking into account the needs of both the one and the other and giving reasoned and comprehensive reflection to support both points of view.

The Court Barefoot has the task of giving an overview on the issue of the bear, giving space to the various positions that were taken from the population, by tourists, by the press, local authorities, farmers and tour operators are damaged.
Then, as in a regular trial, the magistrate will deliver judgment: because Italian law has not provided for the death penalty, what will be the fate of Gené?Sentenced to prison and acquitted? Or you will have a twist, as in 1499 in Germany when a bear guilty of vandalism (had devastated several villages), was delayed by several months due to a legal technicality pulled out of the very serious lawyer who claimed that the animal had the sacred right to be judged by his peers, or by a jury composed exclusively by bears?

Whatever the verdict, the proceedings of the event will be posted and will remain as a document and analysis available to the community.

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