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Battle reenactment of three mountains to 95 ^ occurrence, the 7 July Gallio

Sunday 7/7/2013 at 10:30

95° ricorrenza della battaglia dei tre monti a valbella asiago – gallioBattle reenactment of three mountains to 95 ^ occurrence, the Gallium July 7, 2013

La Commemoration will be held on Sunday 7 July starting at 10.30 hours in Valbella opposite Sisemol. An area heavily beaten by Austrian artillery that right here caused many Casualties on both sides, and whose advance through this zone cercava to break through the front lines then descend into the plain.

The ' event as part of a teaching session, where guide and renowned historians alongside these troops entertain visitors showing them how important should know concerning the great war (equipaggaimenti, facts etc).

All those present will be available to face responding to any questions which will be addressed. You can then visit the trenches, the camp, the bays, the action field and simulations in the afternoon from both sides (Italian and German).

Rancio at noon for the ranks, while the stand will be atzion provisions for those who will use them, dislocated from Ortigara degli Alpini with the classico Alpine rancio social price.

In the afternoon will start the different phases and actions that will bring what happened nearly 100 years ago in a fact certainly different and tragic yesterday than today that wants to propose.  A repeat so that he doesn't want to forget trying to comprehend the atrocities that everyone had to know and suffer. As every year also for this there will be News that will be differentiated from previous. Impressive pyrotechnics explode on the ground by simulating explosions.


10.30 a.m.
-Teaching with Roger Dal Molin
12.30 a.m.
From 14.30 hours

There will be several groups coming fromabroad (Austria, Germany, Slovenia, England, Trient). You expect a massive participation of well over 100 reenactors trained and equipped , as they were then and that will bring the events actually happened in Valbella in Battle of three mountains.


Tel. 0424 447919
Email informazionituristiche@comune.gallio.vi.it


Send the event with family members, friends and acquaintances. You will be so you also witnesses a Memory increasingly forgotten by participating actively.For them.

All rights reserved.

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