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"Before Every Other Love" Theatre Show in Cesuna di Roana - January 26, 2020

Sunday 26/1/2020 at 21:00
Prima di ogni altro amore - Spettacolo a Cesuna

Show curated by the Cultural Association Terracrea and Bel Teatro on the occasion of the "Day of Remembrance"

The Municipality of Roana,on the occasion of the"Day of Remembrance"and the"Day of Remembrance",celebrated on 27 January and 10 Februaryrespectively, offers three theatrical performances produced by theTerracrea Cultural Association,to remember and commemorate the victims of the two genocides, which marked the history of Humanity.

The first theatrical show,"Before Any Other Love",will be held on Sunday, January 26, 2020,at the Cinema Teatro A.Palladio in Cesuna,on theAsiago Plateau,beginning at 21.00.

The show focuses on Remembrance Day and tells the story of two women,seemingly different from each other: Astrit,arrested and accused of being part of the Resistance, and Helga,secretary of the Gestapo and ready to type everything that is said. The two share something common, like love for their children.
It tells of events that happened in the past during the Nazi period,but they also have value in the present, as they address current issues, which the viewer will have to interpret.

Before any other love
by Federica Santinello
Directed by Bruno Lovadina

Spettacolo Prima di ogni altro amore

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