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Bingo in the company to Treschè Conca the August 25, 2014

Monday 25/8/2014 at 16:00
Tombola napoletana

Bingo in the company to Treschè Conca, Asiago plateau, the August 25, 2014

Monday,25 August 2014 to 16.00 hours at the big top by Treschè Conca, Asiago plateau, we will have fun together with the traditional and historical game of Tombola.


According to tradition, the bingo was born in 1734 by a discussion between the King Charles of Bourbon and father Gregorio Maria Rocco about the gioco del lotto, that first wanted under public scrutiny to prevent following its elimination there is the flowering of the clandestinebatch, and the second considered immoral for religious reasons. The compromise was found by banning the game during the holiday season, when families were organized with this version from home, which soon became a custom of those days of the year.

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