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Book the SKIN of the bear - Untimed review without Flag to the 15/11 Conco

Friday 15/11/2013 at 20:30

Rassegna Senza Orario Senza Bandiera 2013Presentation of the book the SKIN of the bear – Untimed review Without Flag, 15 Nov-Conco

Friday 15 November 2013 to 20.30 hours in the Biblioteca civica of Conco, Asiago plateau, will be presented the book of Matthew Righetto titled bear Skin. The meeting will be moderated by Marco Crestani, Publisher Priam with Loris Ramazzo.

Untimed Without Flag is a cultural association formed by twelve municipalities of Alto Vicentino whose purpose is to promote the territory of Foothill Vicentina in all its forms: cultural, tourism, gastronomy.


"He smiled and thought that larger animals that populate-no the mountain had always a particular charm, a magical and solemn, as a procession of Pentecost or the high mass on Christmas night. The Eagle, the Wolf, the deer, the bear. It was said that these animals knew intimately to be mae-stosi and several others. Even though he, bears, had ever seen. Let alone that they spoke all monstrous."

Domenico has twelve years and has always lived in the village where he was born, at the foot of the Dolomites. The mountain is his world and this world has no secrets for him.

He likes watching the peaks while going to school, where the teacher tells him of Tom Sawyer, or cross the Woods while going to the River to fish, dreaming of extraordinary adventures. Continues to do so even though for some time all the warn, because the risk of stumbling bear so much talk around is great.

A bear has become a legend in the Valley: terrible, gigantic, ferocious as those parts not seen anymore. And can not believe that his father, always so distant, drunk, lost, is the same man who now wants to give the bear hunt and wants to go on the expedition in the mountains together, just the two of them, away for days and days in contact with a rough, wild nature.

But that is precisely what will happen. Domenico will be involved in aunique experience, frightening and exciting, they'll learn that nature, however, will never be cruel as men. An Adventure novel that is both dazzling tale of a formation, of what happens for the first time, and will be forever.

La Pelle dell'Orso di Matteo Righetto

All rights reserved.

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