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Carlo Goldoni's play El ciacolon reckless Compagnia La Barcaccia, Asiago Tuesday

Tuesday 7/8/2012 at 21:00

"El ciacolon imprudente" La Barcaccia ad AsiagoCarlo Goldoni's play El " ciacolon reckless " Compagnia La Barcaccia, Asiago Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Company " " La Barcaccia will perform Tuesday, August 7, 2012 to Asiago with "El ciacolon reckless" by Carlo Goldoni.

The ' exhibition will be held at the Palazzo del Turismo Millepini of Asiago, to 21:00 hours.

This is one of the many theatrical initiatives scheduled for the summer season 2012 at Asiago.

Presale tickets at the tourist information Office in Piazza Carli: Adult 10 €/Reduced 8 € (under 18, over 65 and card-carrying review 2011/2012).


" Theatre company La Barcaccia ", born in 1969, operating from over tren ' years, notably in Verona and Veneto, with shows in which the cultural value of the proposal is accompanied by a theatrical language and reading's wide-ranging spectacular, which has regularly invoked in an extraordinary public competition (up to 18,000 spectators per season in the city).

The company's repertoire included in particular for numerous original productions by the contents closely linked to the history, language, literary and popular heritage, the social life of ' environment in which to act.

But, the shows so constructed, constantly are in parallel is the " research firsts " (often drawn, with original translations from Anglo-Saxon ' current production's biggest hit), as well as the proposal for a classic " " lyrics, always revised in line with expressive addresses the group.



The show is the result of the invaluable task of rediscovery and restoration d ' a little-known text of the birth of: " The mishap, the chatty reckless ", here dubbed " ciacolon " in deference to the tasty favourite language by ' Author.

The comedy is 1753, and clearly shows the signs of Reform already established: the protagonists are typical names of Comedy Art ' (Trousers, Brighella, Reef ...), but they definitely abandoned the mask to look to realize the project of the birth of d ' a " Theatre in imitation of nature ".

And primarily include comedy, then, for the simultaneous presence of expertly fleshed out characters, which seems to enjoy the revival Goldoni, taking them from his other works, inserting them into new contensti, forcing new confrontations or conflicts.

The " ciacolon " of the title is clearly related to the " Liar " born only three years before, replacing the spirit " " funny inventions with eagerness d ' appear and outlandish boasting. Beatrice is a young widow whose also in life the pleasure-loving Goldoni was devoting his attentions, not wily " " as his better-known namesake, how eagerly real gasps and realistic uncertainties.

With his tongue loosed and captivating liveliness, assists the faithful reef, admirable representative of many female characters of the birth of theatre, able to cope all proudly ' man and side representatives d ' a nobility without enamel.

And ' in this varied world female, with a flurry of news, bursts from the tender scene in a role not Rosaura, already lightly sketched in a ' youth operetta (simple " " The fake), but here originally studied in imitation of reality.

And the life d ' every day comes at the same time, the pathetic servility d ' a Brighella without mask, as well as the different approach of the ' sweethearts Florindo and Lelio to their emotional events.

But, over all, the Author leads to impose ' his wisdom and believe Pants prissiness ready for battle with ancient common sense the vagaries of new times, and then to embody those ' ideals of the bourgeoisie, whose Goldoni had become the more convinced ideologue.

" books on why I more thought-he wrote-the world and the Teatro ". And theatre and life, fiction and reality once again magically mingle all internal ' d ' a plot involving light entertainment, where the ' author, with wisdom d ' a craftsman play today without equal, funnelled down the river of people that need to mind in the creation of his comedies ... " for which there will be no argumentsuntil he takes the world ".

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