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XIV ª S Giustina Chorales, choir voices of Cavern and SAT of Trento, Roana

Saturday 12/7/2014 at 21:00
14ª rassegna corale di Santa Giustina a Roana

XIV ª Santa Giustina Chorales with the choirs of Voices Cavern and the students of S.A.T. of Trento, Roana, Asiago plateau on July 12, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 21.00 hours at the parish church of Roana, Asiago plateau, theEntries of the choral Association den of Roana arranged also for this year the Choir Festival of Santa Giustina, now in its 14TH th Edition.

This year will be only one guest choir, the choir Students Group of S.A.T Trento method.



The choir was born in Roana in 1997 when a group of friends decided to create a new cluster with their songs, running them with a few elements and giving life to The Sounds of the Cavern, with reference to the abyss of perennial snow resort located in the vicinity of Monte Verena of Roana.
The spirit of the Group is to be able to transmit to the public, stories, scenery, emotions, feelings and fantasies of our sites using only songs written and set to music by the group itself.
The Choral Group seeks in all meetings to which participates, to convey the feelings that the choristers trying reading of the songs through various forms ofexpressive speech.


In 2006 the choir SAT wanted to celebrate the80th anniversary of Foundation, as well as with a number of prestigious concerts in Italy and abroad, with their own "School", which responds to the dual purpose of transmitting to those concerned the musical and human values which, since its Foundation, are the basis ofartistic activity, and to manage their own future through the specific preparation of new singers.

Since then a Group of students meets weekly to familiarize yourself with the great repertoire which is one of the strengths of the SAT and get closer to that characteristic way of singing which made an artistic phenomenon everywhere recognized. Students approach to traditional carols and harmonizations of illustrious musicians who have worked with the choir since its origins, are measured with the basic elements of singing together, assimilating thechoir Office atmosphere, which helps young people to enter the magical world of a complex has become over the years a model in popular music. You learn to sing, but also to stand together, to socialize, to respect each other.

The students ' choir group of SAT is now able to perform autonomously and is gradually expanding the repertoire.
The School also aspiring choir conductors, which are an ideal test bed for their future artistic: have available a group of enthusiastic singers as well as the support and experience of the artistic director of the choir of the SAT.
Today students are over 30 and come from all the valleys of Trentino and also from outside the region: they are animated by a passion for singing and the awareness of being, in a more or less near future, lifeblood for the continuation in the future of the choir of the SAT.

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